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Saturday, 14 July 2012

The New World Order.

Doesn't Mean Competent.

Like many of the modern dictatorship's requirements The Olympics are but one platform, once loved by "ordinary" folk, that has been hijacked and press ganged to the Troika of political, corporate and bankster need for absolute control of us all. Indeed it is fair to argue that all popular sport and spectacles have been so dragooned. Formula 1, soccer and groceries spring to mind.

Additional to the foregoing is also the mass media. This has also fallen prey to the powerful in their quest for anal satisfaction, the pursuit of privilege and the debauchery of obscene wealth. It is therefore of little surprise that the likes of the media spout the mantras of their masters. Ergo the BBC's utter revulsion of all things traditional, or of National belief . Pride and a sense of belonging are casualties of the slavish obedience to propaganda and unpleasant superiority complexes.

As I mentioned just the other day they refer now to The EDL as right wing extremists. Their words to vilify all that was once good about Britain and which now must bend to the faux socialism. The vehicle for transporting what is anything but fair or equal in our Western Governments and false institutions. 

Isn't it ironic and hypocritical how the Olympic games identifies competition between Nations and is lauded by the very organisations who desperately yearn for a world domination by a supra-elite devoid of loyalty or consideration for others. We bloggers often pick up some of the maniacal idiots but many continue their lives of luxury and crumb collections at the feet of the top table residents such as The Rothschilds and their "friends".

We also rail at the place in this NWO occupied by that bedrock of incompetent imbeciles who make up The EU. Their real bosses and front men of the powerful elite are based more subtly in The UN. Once again  is that cloak of respectability over an organisation as corrupt and manipulated as the EU crowd. Just glance at this organisation which in reality is the New World Order Parliament  of unelected favouritism. They run the arms and drugs trade from their hidden inspectorates as well as dabbling in mass starvation profit scams. Just one rare occasion they were caught "at it".

However one salient fact remains. They are still human beings. One might argue that their insecurities demand their all reaching ambition and their need for power more than the trappings of wealth. As we experience the tragedies of greed and war these mobster loving elites and their bankster lieutenants wreak about us we also begin to become aware of their frailties.

The London Olympic security shambles is a glaring example. So are the appointments of individuals whose track record of insane uselessness and destruction is known far and wide. I have linked to Peter Sutherland but note Snotty's elevation too! What a promotion. Blatantly incompetent, the "saviour of the World" is trotted out as some benign hero. Given a job that his educational policies and credentials destroyed The UK's education system totally and as mad as his pension fund annihilation! Not to mention his links to  Dunblane./Et Al

So are many paedophile grooming experts so treated. Mandleson and his dubious trips to Brazil. No doubt to study the subjects in that Gregory Peck famous film. He'll be thrilled at Snotty's purview and its opportunities, will he not?

I could go on and on. The oil industry's all powerful groupings, the Sarkozy question marks, Cameron's constant weakness and volte face behaviour. Milibad's resurrection of the failed socialist working man dogma. Has he not noticed that there are no longer such people? Only a rump of weird Union dinosaurs clinging to the vain hope they might get power once more.

Amongst all this decaying ideology and failed effort to rule the World is one ever present factor. Their efforts are incompetent, their armies of bureaucrats useless, idle and self obsessed. Just now we observe the pampered state employees being led down the same path the miners were. That by the same idiots from then or their stale and ill educated, poor intellect driven progeny. It beggars belief such ignorance and paucity of leadership or brain cells is given such responsibility.

Of course we could stand back and rejoice. Buy tons of pop corn and watch the Olympian cock-ups as they run, jump, ride, volleyball and synchronise swim into the record books. Unfortunately as the most commercially, badly led and dreadfully organised foul up fest ever.  Already the incompetence is writ large by the G4S contribution. here's one more example  of the incompetent pursuing their twin siblings! From MP to identical uselessness  . Are they the only firm to enjoy the patronage of Sir Humphrey and Lord Of Sod All Coe who will be found wanting?  I rather think not.  Strangely this should be of comfort to those of us who hate and loathe or even fear this new World Order and its ghastly ambition.

Well, at least the rain has stopped here!


  1. A friend just sent me the news of Snotty's appointment. Iv been saying for years when all these crooks leave office their masters the NWO look after them. If its not a speaking tour its appointments like this. Note also all UN appointments are tax-free.I will be glad when this Olympic farce is over wonder what new gravy train Coe will be jumping on.

    1. Snotty will have a planet to stalk his predilections on and Lord Seb Sodomy will "back him" up!

  2. Incompetent moronic shills of the NWO, that's what they are.

    I feel bad the olympics had to go to London, it's a super big inconvenience for all good residents.
    We dodged a big one out here, obasturd was begging for them to come here, but unless a sport was child target practice in the hood, it wouldn't have worked.

    Please send us some of your rain, OR! It's a drought out here.

  3. Hi, AB, careful what you wish for! Would love to swap your sunshine for our drought!