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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Modern Economies need Cruelty.

Yesterday I posted About Cruelty To Kids.

It is being touched on today about how the UK is soon to become the most crowded country in the blighted area known as Europe. This is all part of a deliberate policy to move swathes of people throughout the Planet to satisfy corporate greed for control and supply.

Raedwald tells us, as ever, significant home truths whilst also identifying his agricultural roots. Those roots are very important since they prededicate how we, as creatures, are meant to live. That is in self sufficient, sustainable groups. The most successful then provide surpluses to the lesser able or capable, to assist them in survival. Thus market centres grew out of this cycle and became larger groups dwelling together around transport or supply hubs and from there plied differing trades and activities. All in support of the supplier base from surrounding villages and farming production.

Sadly this has been turned upside down and now global pressures for grasping profit on a huge scale has usurped the natural and therefore more durable methods of the past. A drive to consumerism of sundry desirable displays of wealth and importance have overtaken the need to worry about food or shelter, heating or cooling.

This in turn has also created a global explosion in populations unnaturally pampered and manipulated. Naturally there are vast areas still in obscene poverty, enforced  density and overcrowding but those issues do not occupy the new World Order Planners. Their nod to the imbalances are just to help promote the genetic modification of foodstuffs and the cruel factory farming and despicable, nasty husbandry of creatures.

Still these political imbeciles fail to grasp the damage their unnatural greed and behaviour is causing. Climate change is pushed as a weapon in their armoury when it is a natural facet of the Universe we are in. Only the direct behaviour of our cretinous hierarchies and their nuclear tinkering are capable of making structural changes to the planet by taunting nature with her own power. A power harnessed precariously, as we see all too often.

So this race to a Utopia goes on, blind to the realities that are all around us, showing how wrong we are to turn our backs on a more sensible and natural order. Time and time again "big is best" is shown to fail spectacularly. Time and time again it is considered to be that more of the same or even bigger enterprises are the answer.

One day it will be seen to have been one gigantic piece of stupidity. Both God and The Devil will have cause to smile at our ridiculous ignorance. Unfortunately millions of creatures will suffer painful, dreadful existences. We humans are just standing in line for when we, too, are factory farmed. Not too much longer to wait, don't you think?


  1. You're right OR - it is greed, and it is unnatural greed.

    How many million or billion is enough.

    1. I always believed a benchmark level of wealth should be made and adhered to, BJ. Huge for sure but not more than some countries put together. So often the accumulation of vast wealth goes with an inferiority complex. I suspect that drives The USA and other nations, as it does individuals, so can never be enough!

  2. I think all human beings understand the rhythm of nature but politicians and increasing numbers of drones don't.

    1. Ergo, Anon, politicos are also drones. I totally agree.