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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Is This A Weapon Of The New World Order?


A post of some note  and linking to a very excellent EU watcher, Gates of Vienna , made me ask myself why The EU, an arm of the Rothschilds NWO battalions, pursues the mass immigration of Muslim followers into Europe. When we visit the ideology of this religion it is impossible to deny, as its supporters attempt to force us to do, several of the issues Crusaders found worthy of fighting against.

One such "tradition" is the genital mutilation and destruction of feminine sexual enjoyment. Surely a human right of some significance but happily condoned by the misogynists in Brussels and Westminster. Sure there is a token gesture towards female rights and equality but let's get real here,  it's nothing more than tokenism.

This similar theme can be also followed up with the creed of Islam that places women as second class to men and treated as such. When we witness the like of Galloway basking in the success of his male dominated victory we see no women cheering him on, only a gang of unsavoury and unpleasant men.

Then there is the matter of the Islamic approach to homosexuality. How the lefty apologists for "multi-culturism" go speechless on this. We have had decades of effort to encompass the quirks of nature that produces chromosome differences in human beings. Yet we now watch as a fanatical fundamentalism turns all that backwards to a darker age we thought put behind us.

So why is this? My only thinking is it is part of some kind of plot and conspiracy to harness a powerful groups' ideology in order to help to subjugate other national and or religious creeds, n order to break up ties that bind peoples together. In countries such as Afghanistan and The Middle Eastern States tribal or even village and family loyalties are subject to Islamic dictatorships. The Taliban is a force present and feared throughout more than just Afghanistan.

Again I argue they, such as The Taliban, represent the use of a specialised group to subjugate others for their own requirements and to destroy opposition to imposed government by dictatorship. In this a supra World power would find one group or identity far easier to manipulate for their own ends than myriads of disparate ones. It also allows those wary of the Islamic terrorist credentials to be easily duped into believing that draconian loss of freedoms and democracy in the name of "National security" is an acceptable consequence.

If one gets beyond the "don't be daft" attitude and thinks about what is happening all around us it begins to make sense that such a deliberate ploy to wipe out white races and national identities, harnessing the tactics of  a feared and hateful ideology, is not so far fetched after all. If I'm wrong then why is it allowed to flourish? Why is the determination of Brussels to bring Turkey into The EU, so adamant? Already that Islamic State is on board in many sly ways, as in this ruling.

Even more alarming, introduced, again by  Gates of Vienna,  is this association. Am I just being paranoid? Is it deliberate? The answers might only ever be known many years hence but if I am incorrect in my argument then the question as to why this is all happening still remains. Sure this discussion offers an alternative World Order but if dominant gives the opposition only one target to suppress, as opposed to the many of today. Christian Nations for a start. Many of which are European or of European origin in The USA!

Since The NWO we debate frequently is of Jewish domination, are we seeing a clearing of the field to leave it  for only two protagonists to slug it out? Or share the spoils!


  1. The problem is though OR, inviting Tommy Robinson to the Brussels Process only inflames things.

    However we might agree with his arguments, his main supporters seem to come from the football club 'firms'.

    But he is saying what a lot of people should be saying - that these awful practices have no place in our democracies.

    Where the hell are the 'Harridan Harmans'

    1. Vast majority of the EDL are not football supporters at all, they come from all walks of life. Problem is you've fallen for the MSM/Leftist narrative in believing the lies about the EDL.

  2. You're partly correct QM - but I can only believe the evidence of my own eyes and I do follow the conversations on Twitter.

    I believe that the battle is lost - what we are doing is looking after our own as best we can.

  3. OR,

    I have written on the above many times, initially in my Destruction of Britain blog and then on my Harbinger's Journal. Both views were of course radically different, due to the introduction of new facts and understanding the bigger picture.

    You ask if Islamification a weapon of the NWO? And the answer is yes.
    I will then follow up with the question: Will Islamification of the UK happen? To that I will answer partly yes and no. Yes, because parts of the UK will become Islamic ghettos, 100% Muslim on the outside, but 100% Zionist/Judaic controlled within. No, because not all of the UK will be this way, purely because there will be anti Islamisation and secondly because were the UK to fall under Islamic control, the Jews will have lost their control over it through their use of usury, which as you know is their main tool for total control of any society.
    People then ask me: "If islamic way of life is detrimental to the existence of Jewish control over society, then why are they implementing it?" I simply answer; "Because it's the Hegelian dialectic. The Jews want Israel to be the seat of the new world government. They want to rebuild the temple of Solomon, therefore they have to utterly smash Islamic way of life and culture. They will do this by creating Islamic hatred throughout the world and they will do this by massive immigration of muslims into all lands who will, as predicted, start to takeover their culture and enforce Islamic way of life."

    This is the reality. They need an angry populous who will quite happily agree to fighting against Islam. Hence we see the rise of groups such as the EDL, the SDL etc, 100% Zionist created and controlled opposition to attack Islam. The sad thing is, these fuckwits within these groups, support Israel, because they see them fighting the same cause they are, that is against Islam and a nationalist state. They are completely clueless that it was these bastards in the first place who are behind the NWO, the massive migration into the UK of non indigenous and the smashing of their culture and traditions. This is the reality behind Zionism. All one has to look at is the logo of Mossad - "Through deception we shall wage war."


  4. What I find sad is that western society (UK society in particular) has happily given up all the values that it had to accept the NWO values of feminism, liberalism and of course homosexuality.
    Up until the 50's, British way of life was pretty much on a par with Islam. This is what people are happy to forget. Yes we hanged murderers, rapists and paedophiles. Yes, we were anti feminism and our work place was male dominated. Yes, we were 100% against homosexuality. But all of this slowly crept in just on a par with the words of Kruschev:

    "You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright. But we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

    Feminism was created to bring women into the workplace, thus destroying the traditional natural environment of man. It was also created to smash the family unit and give state control over junior.

    Homosexuality is 100% created by the elites also, something that is a huge topic and one I don't have the time to go into today, suffice to say, you speak of chromosomes and I will speak of eugenics and man's manipulation of the food and water supply in order to create feminine men and masculine women. Homosexuality is NOT and I repeat NOT natural within nature. It is unnatural, abnormal and immoral and there are many reasons as to why it was created.

    Although I disagree with your article OR, I only do so because of wilful ignorance and programming of the MSM and educational establishments over the British and western peoples. They would not believe as they do were it not so. It all started somewhere.
    The good news with this article OR, is that you are on the right path, a path that I took also in my ignorance, purely because of a lack of knowledge on the bigger picture that came. The bad news about this article is that you sound like a MSM journalist, who promotes exactly what the NWO want the people how to believe.

    I have the utmost respect for GoV, as we spoke alot when I wrote DoB and HJ blogs. We also agreed on much as did we disagree. And it is a plot for Jewish world domination, as I've already written about on many occasions. Something people will eventually realise, but by then it will be far too late to change the one world totalitarian system they've installed.



  5. I should add that once you create Islamic ghettos within the UK (London, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds etc etc) you will create a natural opposition to the destruction of people's traditional ways of life. Those people in the EDL etc are on the front line. They are seeing their society change and are acting against it. It should be commended.


    Ask yourself what culture are these people living? They are doing just what you are doing on this blog. They are standing up for feminism, liberalism and homosexuality, three things I oppose 100% and as stated tools of the elites to create their NWO.
    They have been programmed throughout their lives to accept the bastardisation of their society, the complete change of it, through the imposition of liberalism, feminism and homosexuality. They have therefore accepted a way of life that those whom they fight against disagree with. Therefore, in fighting against Islam they are infact attacking their old way of life, one that has existed within their country for thousands upon thousands of years, in order to promote and protect the NWO agenda. It is actually quite ironic when one thinks of it.
    They are not fighting to protect indigenous culture or traditions, on the contrary the polar opposite. They are fighting to protect globalism, anti heterosexual and anti family lifestyles. This is how sad the whole situation is because they are oblivious to the fact that the enemy they are fighting is 100% opposed to the NWO, as it bombs their Islamic lands, an enemy that they state they disagree with, yet are not only building and staffing their NWO system, but protecting it as well, hence in their attack against the Muslim peoples in the UK and in their Islamic lands.



  6. BJ,

    The EDF is an organisation that was created by Zionism. Zionism is one of the main forces behind the New World Order, that is, the creation of the Israeli state, within which will be the seat of the New World Order's one world government and of course the ruler of the world, that is the return of the King to continue where Jewish King David left off. It's will be a wonderful world for all Jews, because all non Jews will be their slaves to run around after them to their every beck and call.

    So, ignorantly, the dumb, fuckwit, goyim of the UK, that is the braindead nationalists, who many have happily taken the Queen's shilling, unbeknownst to them it is the Rothschild shilling and been nothing more than mercenary murderers, invading other lands for Rothschild profit, in order to pump all the plunder into the creation of the Israeli state, a state I will add that is behaved on a par with what we were taught (falsely that is) of how the Nazis behaved, are now supporting the very state and people who have thrown their country into complete and utter chaos. I have said this over and over again, but Judaism wants the total demolition of all world cultures and indigenous blocks for the reason being, that they will no longer be opposed and booted out of more lands, as they were in the past.

    The New World Order is a JEWISH world order and don't take my words for it, but instead do your own research on Zionism and its goals.

    "But he is saying what a lot of people should be saying - that these awful practices have no place in our democracies."

    Ah, the piece de resistance, the perfectly programmed, via the MSM, comment of how the elites want you all to think.

    I am no Muslim. I follow no religion. I am an anarchist, but also a deist. However I shake my head at this comment for reasons explained in my comments above.
    Moreso, you speak of democracies, yet people have NEVER and I repeat NEVER, EVER had a democracy. They have had elections, where the elites place the candidates to choose, unbeknownst to the public, they will do not what the people want them to do, but their puppet masters, the elites.

    It is ironic, but the many people whom I speak to, who attack the NWO and its plans are ignorant to the fact that they promote feminism, liberalism, multiculturalism and homosexuality, worse still, saying that this is what it is to be British, to accept these values.

    The NWO will succeed for these reasons, because the people built, staff, protect and promote the wishes of the system that was created to enslave them.
    In other words, ignorance knows no bounds within the overwhelming majority of truthers fighting against the NWO, for they are in fact the best promoters of their ideology.



  7. It is my understanding that female 'circumcision', is not presribed by Mohammedanism, but practised by a cultural element, that professes Islam. The only World Order that i want to see, is Great Britain reclaiming its former colonies. Also in Nigeria, which has the largest Anglican community; there is a Mohammedan terrorist group, that needs to be eradicated by paramilitary Protestants.

  8. Hi, everybody. This post has sparked such a large number of excellent replies and food for thought I'm slightly overwhelmed and am unable to reply to individual arguments.

    I am, however, most grateful for the comments and have read all with an avid attention and thank you. Please do feel free to continue debate and I'll chip in as and when I am able.