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Monday, 23 July 2012

From Border Agency To Met Office.

Puerile Nonsenses Rules.

We learn this morning that the whole of Newcastle has failed to be deported, as The Border Agency basks in bonuses for failure. A very common aping of Private Industry practice. Then we get the huge and unwieldy Met Office stupidity and PR scaremongering machinery, enshrined in its Climate Change Bureau. One still esteemed by the gravy train of funding beloved of Brussels and Whitehall. (one and the same, of course. Or as I prefer "two cheeks of the same arse"!.) 

The latest drivel to come from the Met bunch is the jet stream culprit for our wet and cool summer of late. A phenomenon they admit little understanding of but still happily pronounce their puffed up and arrogant prognostications. The latest is how cool air lies to the North of the path and warmer air to the South.

If this is so then how come the Scottish weather has been, to date, so much better and summer like than the South? All I can say is that we are cursed with a smug, "I can't be sacked" job for life mentality. If we wish to improve our nation's social and economic welfare that needs changing. 

We just do not need millions of pathetic pen pushers spending little time doing a worthwhile job, skiving off and paying unearned and undeserved bonuses. From Councils to Whitehall departments, we have a litany of failure, fuelled by the obvious stamp of inadequacy. Go on, name one department in Government known to be successfully brilliant at its work? Or would that be LOCOG charging down the same route as Lord Cardigan, now represented by Lord "grab all the goodies" Coe? 

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