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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

EU Must Be Involved, Somewhere!

Still Getting Our Lot Blackballed Would Be Good.

Is this an own goal by Sir Humphrey? I do hope so for their smug arrogance is the model on which Brussels is founded. Unelected and secure behind massive defensive shields of bureaucratic deceit and subterfuge.

Barclays did their bidding, as sure as eggs are eggs. The political class followed the Machiavellian and nasty Mandarin whisperers. If the collusion between the political and elected but for sure unrepresentative, career political classes are destroyed. If the the weaknesses of Snotty and Bliar and now Cleggeron and The Boy are unveiled so much the better. Their willingness to follow their puppet master mandarins has been and remains a disgrace.

There really does seem to be a possibility that the crooked alliances and cliques behind the Bilderberger, New World Order has been compromised. If they fall out publicly, real change might happen. Let us make no mistake, this behaviour is not confined to The UK and its unholy alliances. For once Snotty was correct. It's a global thing.

The bartering, jockeying for advantage and nepotism has been rumbled. Amazingly if the genuine and honest get a chance to lay this whole plot for the enslavement of us all by a "Technocratic" machine, great. Note how they slipped in this word "technocrat" in place of bureaucrat. A sort of cosy, reliable and technically proficient expertise implied. In reality it is a civil take over quietly underwritten by corruption and dreadful manipulation of economies and lives.

I pray this scandal will be so huge as to destroy the NWO and its EU bastard and unwanted offspring. A few prison sentences, reparations from those guilty and a fresh start by small, efficient and democratic nations working together for all, not just a privileged few. You never know. Small is beautiful, obese ugly!

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