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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Dreadful Stench Of A Rotting World.

Now The Smell Is Everywhere.

Children are now the sport of monsters  as the socialist dogma of "State knows best" filters down to every corner of the Planet. This creed of "nanny" state coddling without the tough love involved" breeds contempt in kids, who knowingly recognise lack of discipline and deterrence is weakness. These children then grow up to often become bullies. Troops and police storm troopers who totally believe in their obedience to the State permits the kind of cruel viciousness wrought above.

It is everywhere, this nasty, unfettered greed and selfishness. It oozes from the cultural vandalism "one size fits all" dogma and socialist implementation. So ingrained is this stupidity it brings about Government by PR. No fault no blame now applies to every walk of life.

The EU is but a gargoyle grown from the germination of the socialist ignorance that demands all serfs be treated equally. Only the favoured sons are to be allowed to enjoy the riches of undemocratic and execrable philosophy. A system devoid of joy and happiness. One which uses a siren song of equality to lure its victims onto the rocks of debased, hypocritical nastiness and greed for power.  If ever you wanted figures that display all that has gone wrong just look long and hard at Tony Bliar and his gob of a Mrs.

Be it the corruption of banking, corporate and gangster alliances or the dismissive rejection of nurture and loving of our seed corn children, everywhere the inability to inspire through and by common sense is gone. Not a day goes by anymore when we are not regaled with the utter collapse of our once optimistic world. 

Nowhere can we find a good old fashioned champion or leader. The present crop of celebrity wannabes that  pose as politicians is laughable and ghastly at the same time. Cameron, an immature lightweight poser. Milibad Junior a refugee spawn of an illegal immigrant from the East of Europe. The Balls, the likes of Kinnock and that dreadful Falstaff bully, Lord of The Pies. 

Those are just from The UK. Look at that instrument for corporate imagery, Obummer. His only claim to The White House was because he was a gobby half caste ideal front man. What difference has he made? Zilch, just followed the Mafia Godfathers of Wall Street as their token black.

Then there is that cover up Frau Merkin. Her passionate desire is to shape a Europe in the image of her beloved Stazi backed, East German regime of nutters, communist apologists and Zlin lovers. In this she is supported by those EU unelected dictators Barosso and Rompuy. Two weak and pathetic henchman placed in Offices few understand or care about. Just as they wish it to be in order to hide their totalitarian ecstatic dreams.

These people mentioned are all part of a decay that has led to the brutality necessary to continue these flawed and nasty experiments in controlling human nature and instinct. That being a predisposition to nurture, love and care for each other in small, manageable groups. To share progress by example not by force. To discipline fairly and distribute love and affection to those able to censure us if we fail because they will see and know if we transgress.

However it has become a World controlled by vast organisations. The secrecy of complication and the ability to pass the buck down myriads of dark alleyways to obscure and obfuscate is now the way beloved of those in power. We see it whenever a LIBOR lying and cheating scandal breaks. The complexity of modern criminality is a joy for those who benefit. It is an unjustified brutality for the children born into it. Since the second world war all of us became such children. 

Most of us have grown up and watched as that decency and hope, for which millions died, has been trashed by the poor quality of the survivors. We have nuclear deterrents galore but where were the deterrents to stop us becoming the brutes we have become? Spare the rod, spoil the child was never so apt and so ignored. Every politician and failed teacher of the last sixty years should hang their heads in shame, not be rewarded for the abject and inadequate, evil capitulation to Mammon.



  1. Meanwhile if they don't like your parents political views they will steal you the moment that you are born

    Tommy Robinson: State threatens to take away EDL supporter's baby

    presumably to gift you to multi culti lesbians or, worse, a life in "Care" followed up by prostitution, addiction and an early death in prison.

    1. There seems to be a big push against the EDL, Banned. Just yesterday the BBC referred to them as "hard right". As opposed to their own extreme hard line left, presumably.