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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Despite The Knowledge.

Little Seems To Be Changing.

To a certain extent the relationship between the drug cartels and the political and banking corporate loving classes should come as no surprise. What I find most sickening is the veneer of respectability the Cameroons and The Red Ed Brigade crowd, together with their global counterparts, strut forward.

The Internet is allowing their dirty underwear to be constantly on show. Indeed what is becoming a powerful exposure to the corruption is John Ward. He is not alone in wishing to see the criminality of the Western leaders and their cohorts behind the puppet curtains, brought to book.

Sadly, whilst the drip feed of narcotic induced somnolence holds sway the grip on the resultant income and power will remain firm. Still everything eventually turns in cycles. Perhaps one day this Mafia led society will implode when the war lords turn on each other.

A day of reckoning wherein those once secure in their sense of knowing arrogance and disdainful dismissal of the "little" people will turn round and bite them, will be worth living through. After all it's happened in the past, as the surviving relatives of Caligula will bear witness to!

One final thought occurs to me. The secret services were once a shield meant to protect us from that which has now come about. How come their oaths to protect their citizens and morality have lost all sincerity and desire to serve decency? I guess sold out like all the rest. In that respect I suppose the drug Lords have their own enforcers.


  1. I heard something on the radio yesterday about calls from the US for criminal prosecutions over the HSBC drug money laundering in Mexico and eleswhere; maybe that 'unfair' extradition treaty will come in handy after all.