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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crooks And Liars.

Honour Long Gone In Our Crazy World.

Unlike the pundits and The MSM I can lay claim to being a "member of the public" and despise people when they claim to know what I feel or think. The attempt by George Osborne to lay blame at Testicle Bully Balls' feet is wholly justified. Not least since the real Adams family culprit is lurching around elsewhere picking his nose.  The Slog makes many valid points in the linked to post but still ignores the reality of the 13 years of corruption and collusion Liebour presided over. I'm more than happy to see punch ups in Westminster if the real baddies get a bloody nose. Metaphorically or literally.

Only this morning that fat and unpleasant Prezza lookalike tried to blame all and sundry but their time in office. Marr meekly pushed him but as ever never really landed a blow on the deluded arrogance, there for all to see, should they choose.  Both Washington and Downing Street created an environment in which the political, mandarin and corporate classes were given carte blanche to rape and pillage.

Even now any hope of giving these vast billions stolen from the public purse is a forlorn dream. For one a pundit, Marr, asked why these billions could not have been directed to the citizen not the banker. Waffle and bluster ensued quickly replaced by jargon and gobbledygook to obscure the real truth. We wuz and continue to be robbed.

The real crooks in all this are not those who profited financially but those who funded their political agendas through it all. Chief amongst those is The Labour Party under Bliar and Snot Gobbler, aided and abetted by the likes of Balls and his Mrs, in cahoots with their mandarins in Whitehall. Sadly those same corrupt practices remain in the partnership of unequals that is the Civil Service Dictators and the present Cobbleition.

If only the Whitehall participants could be dragged into shame and criminal liability. Naturally their pals in Brussels and Berlin would not allow it. Too close for comfort would that be. However these practices were very much part of the G20 junkets of the last 20 years and building blocks for a World Government. One thing is for certain such a regime has already displayed its incompetence so how desirable would that future dominance be? Answers on one very small sheet of paper.

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