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Monday, 30 July 2012

Certainty About Climate.

Well, Its Reality!

This "Don't know" is quite sensible since no one knows. However the BBC are drooling over this  propaganda, which since no counter argument is offered is all it is. So read then visit a  discussion and counter argument..

Much of all this hysteria is led and often funded by big oil or other vested interests. One main such interest is that of extracting as much from the laissez faire consumers in Western Europe in tax and energy costs as to ruin any hope of a recovery in the near or distant future.

I argue this constantly but stumbled, courtesy of a good friend, on this article from the Spectator. When you realise this utter slavish adherence to mates and Party donors can deprive this Country of billions in energy costs, how can there not be a massive protest? I guess because The BBC and ITV can't afford to upset their masters at OFCOM.

In this article we learn of a betrayal by Government and Casty Iron Dave of unimaginable deceit and treason.  That this crowd of EU sycophants and utter failures allow this scenario to pan out goes beyond the pale. Naturally Casty's dad in law benefits hugely from wind turbine subsidies, able to blight the peasants in their hovels whilst miles away they can remain undisturbed. Of course they can always ring fence Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds from their blight.

As for the rest of this green and once pleasant land, "More excrement, children"? Why oh why do we put up with it?


  1. Try these two sites -

    I find them quite useful in the battle against the climate change con artists.

    1. Thanks Bill. Both superb but my favourite is always ICECAP USA.

  2. The very title "climate change minister" is politically loaded itself just as if a medievel Pope had a Flat Earth Legate.

    1. The title Minister is becoming highly toxic, Banned.