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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Behind The Scenes.

The Corruption Is Perfectly OK.

Regardless of the banking practices long in existence and happily nurtured by Government and the political classes, as long as they are beneficiaries, (Bliar a mega such rewarded imbecile and crook, together with his acolytes such as Mandleson), the real NWO continue their Gestapo activities undisturbed by any glare or spotlight shone by the MSM.

Our media is brilliant at overseas hand wring about Burma, Syria, Libya and happily accepting of the brutality and killings in Zimbabwe. After all the tyrannical despots do fund huge cash deposits in their chosen bank accounts. The only real danger to the corrupt mentality of career politics and Statist mandarin cabals is the possibility of people, en masse. saying and realising enough is enough.

Some suggest "they just don't get it". Of course they do and easily brush off the feeble efforts made by a few strident voices. If an individual gets really close to fighting back however, out comes the vicious nastiness beloved of the Gestapo's historic subjugation of a nation. That control was extended, with the full might of brutal killing and slaughter, throughout Europe. We are on course for a repeat.

The by products of that regime were frightening. Handicapped babies murdered. Then this extended to older, expensive, handicapped children. In our age of economic deprivation, through global banking and corporate greed, we are now hearing siren voices about those of us enjoying potential longevity. We are having it mooted we should be forced to give up our hard earnt homes for smaller dwellings in order to house the feckless and the cunning that is our mass,  migrant imposed world.

The thin end of an historical wedge that is the ever present slab of human nastiness and evil. As the idiots in the media and of the blind, dogmatic left chatter on at their London terrace palace dinner parties, under the thumb of the perceived socialist EU, quietly the arrests and secret trials have begun.  THIS EVENT  should cause the Barclay's and banking known corruption, to pale into insignificance. This is when it begins to get very scary.

Of course it is off the radar. As will be your or my arrest over some minor, newly invented crime, if we fail to say "Heil" to the New World Order and kick against the tyrannical future just round the corner. Mad Max is only a few years away and we are embracing it so willingly. It's not "They" who don't get it, it's us, in the main.


  1. I like the picture of the Olympic Torch Relay. Where was it today? Loughborough, where Thomas Cook began his trade. They were visiting the Team GB Experience.

  2. I keep trying to tell myself that the case of Roger Hayes is some kind of miunderstanding. That we only have "his" side of he story, and that the whole premise on which he bases his rfusl to pay Council Tax is mistaken.
    What is the evidence that there was a "secret" court hearing or that he was denied the right to present his case?

    On the other hand, he certinly has pissed our lords-and-masters off, most mightily.

    I am away on business at the moment, but as soon as I return home, I will write to my MP suggesting he moves his arse and takes a look at this appalling business. Unfortunately, being a junior minister (ie out of his depth)he's part of the gummint, and therefore a big part of the problem.

    What else can an ordinary joe like me do?

    1. Bullo, on our own we are minuscule. Put every little effort together and we become very powerful.