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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Again And Again.

Bloggers Tell It How It Is.

Not least  those from UKIP. It really is becoming the only decent game in town. or village or even cities. If they came to power it would at least show it can be done.

Today we get actual reporting.  A rare thing when for years The EU has been at the forefront of globally organised money laundering, false accounting and fraud. Strangely no honest auditor is prepared to sign off on their accounts. The unspoken subject, obscured in human rights and millions of politically correct smoke screens, enshrined in dictatorial legislation, is that the quickest way in this Western world to make mega bucks is the drug trade.

That enterprise spawns its own progeny in the proliferation of people trafficking for prostitution and the delectation of those paedophile rings sat at the top of every wealthy and political dung heap. The HSBC really considers its money laundering as pure business and wealth creating activity. Indeed many of their top echelon probably enjoyed Strauss-Kahn, Berlusconi style meetings, where the finer points of being in this inner circle of evil was pure joy. 

These gatherings will be similar to those enjoyed by Mandleson and his Russian and South American pals. The back slapping orgies of greed, debauchery and the misery heaped on those victims of their nastiness will be of nought to this crowd of unaccountable gangster lovers. Indeed one can imagine the jokes and banter at those cruelly treated and those seen as peasants and ignorant "ordinary" folk.

They garner storm troopers in every city throughout the Planet. Their chiefs bought and sold as easily as the Brazilian police shoot their homeless kids as vermin. Well those deemed not young or pretty enough for recreational use, that is. How frequently do our politicians embrace these terrible events and seek international condemnation? Rarely if ever. Too busy attending board room selection interviews for appointments to get them "on side" and on "message".

The "message" is that if you come on in and sup with the Devil only one thing matters. Don't get caught by people who might not accept the unethical, the criminal, the dishonest, the killing, the torture and all  the exploitation membership entails. 

These despots and depraved Bilderbergers must hope fervently there is no God and no judgement day, because their damnation is assured. Money laundering is probably regarded as one of those activities that are better than those creating the dirty money. Well how wrong they are and I pray I live long enough to see them all made accountable. Especially the politicians who nurture the evil systemic in our Western economic,  social and  cultural wastelands.

Post Script. Another who has consistently got forecasts spot on.

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