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Monday, 25 June 2012

You Have To Laugh Or Else Weep.

As Ground Hog Day Begins All Over Again.

After many days agonising over the weather and struggling to help Mrs OR prepare for her big NGS open day, it all went off splendidly. Even the weather perked up and gave us a sunny afternoon. Not even that very stupid and arrogant woman, Spelman, couldn't dampen our efforts as she whined on about extreme weather events. She failed, of course to mention her drought ridden rubbish of but a few weeks earlier. That was not an extreme event but months of them combined!

So back to the more daily observations of our pathetic political classes and their Federal foul ups. Whilst Cameroon finds endless time to pontificate and give speeches, in between lecturing his EU partners from a very dubious position indeed, the Bilderbergers of Brussels led by Gruppenfuhrein Merkin Merkel plot another bank rescue at our expense.

Barosso, fresh from telling the Chinese and other potential white nights it's all their fault, "Nothin' to do with me, Guv",  now prepares to sell us all another bank bailout in the image of 2007/8. The irony of the repetition, aka ground hog day, escapes these moronic fat slobs of the seemingly endless junket train progress.

Another EU crisis summit to talk and windbag their way through more ten star suites, forelock tugging flunkies and Strauss-Kahn, Berlusconi after dinner, bunga bunga, brandy swilling, cosy jokes. As ever laughing at the rest of us scared witless by their incompetent and self obsessed greed for power and riches regardless of their price.

Only a few days ago we were treated to this  pack of lies.  Then the Spanish "cri de coeur ", (note the "eu" in there). Then what now seems a common ploy in the Brussels Bunker, we have a glib statement that, well, 100 billion euro might go down well to pay more failed bankers' their bonuses for abject lending policies, straight from the Snotty School of no more boom and bust.

So, here we go again. The EU is bust and acting as a sea anchor of debt on the whole world. The solution, in the  Merkel fantasy land of A Federal Fiskal Union of pooled, central pots of gold, fails to appreciate that only one member and it's citizens might manage to bring a pot to the table. That is Germany. If Spain, France and Italy bring any pots along they'll be for urination purposes only. A fitting illustration of their abilities and selfishness. They wouldn't even share those for common purpose.

So on we go. More ground hog day summits, jaw exercising, egoistic, patronising cods wallop and still the debts go unpaid, the borrowings unfunded and the spiral into further mayhem goes on as before. All the time the dog muck on their shoes goes unwiped, as they all ask each other but never themselves, why they trod in it in the first place!

Guess what, until we wipe the whole ghastly smell that is the EU excrement on all our shoes,from the World stage, it will drag on and on and on. Not only that the clean up operation will take ever longer. Time to start now.

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