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Monday, 11 June 2012


The Minders Were Doing What?

If the media can be believed, a very big if, this story beggars belief. It would seem Cameron's meetings with the McCanns has taught him little. As for his "minders", very professional piece of twat ridden negligence there. 

One goes numb when you consider the potential consequences of this appalling piece of careless parenting. I've been very scathing about this generation of cocaine instead of cheese course generation. When a top figure, The Prime Minister no less, of his ilk does such a dreadful act of wanton selfishness, you must ask why.

That their Daughter was not kidnapped and married off to some Muslim cleric is pure luck. He tells us our soldiers are dying to keep our streets safe whilst he fails dismally to protect his own daughter even with a squad of goons. Also why the different cars for Mum and Dad? Is Sam still seething over Dave's obsession with that red head?

This whole business, if as reported is correct, gives us an unedifying insight into Cameron's character and hubristic nature. Self first and everyone else a poor second. Ghastly qualifications so prevalent in  our Nation's leaders and Mandarin cultures. 

We all make mistakes, of course we do. Pressures, stress and just staying alive takes its toll. OR smashed his car the other day, in a haze of stress and anxiety about a project I was doing. It happens. What I can say is I have never, ever put others at risk, especially children because of putting myself above all else. Furthermore I'm not in an Office where pushing a button can destroy the Planet.

There can be little doubt that the generations following my own have followed the socialist dogma of someone else looking after everybody. Big Brother will take care of you. Well he didn't. doesn't and is incapable. Despite Cameron's slavish adherence to the Bliar book of egotism and socialism for winning elections, his addled brain is obviously not up to any job let alone parenting.

There was a day when this negligence would have brought about resignation. I suggest Cameron, in order to hang on to his esteemed position, would have gone to the Islamic wedding next week and given his eight year old Nancy away, if it got him kudos with the idiots in Brussels, his corrupt pal  Karzai in Kabul and that Black Guy in The White House!

Sure Dave may be a charming and welcoming host to those doing him a service but I suspect he leans in the direction of mobile phone hurling when in a fit of childish temper. Seems to be a requirement for the job these post Maggie years. Scary and so very disappointing, Mr Cameron. Still, what do I know?!


  1. Eric Pickles is stamping down on 'troubled families' who blame others for their child neglect etc so Dave is for the high jump.
    Well he would be if he wasn't upper class.
    The McCanns were never prosecuted for leaving their 3yr old in charge of one yr old twins while they went on the thrash.

  2. Always one rule for them and the mushroom shed for us, Bob.

  3. "David Cameron mistakenly left his bollocks in a restaurant when he drove off without them, it was revealed last night.

    The Prime Minister – who had been attending an EU summit meeting – only realised his cojones were missing when he arrived back at his official country residence in England.

    As is usual practice at these events, the bollocks were held separately by the EU Commission until the PM's return but, in his haste, he left without realising that the bag of balls had not been collected by his protection team.

    This is certain to result in red faces all round at No. 10 ..." (continues p.94)

    Meanwhile, the Monocular Mutineer told a pile of whoppers at the Leveson Enquiry today whilst beating out the flames in his underpants. Bastard.

    1. Seeing Snotty wriggling and al but picking the lies out of his nose made The Boy look almost grown up.

  4. Caractus..yes the unelected snot gobbler , speaking at the Levenson Common Purpose whitewash, 'couldn't recall' whether he asked the filthy bastards Mcbride and co to spread filth about his opponents. His religious background and moral compass tells him he didn't let loose the horrible bastards onto the world of decency.
    But time and truth will hound this horrible scoundrel to his deathbed.
    Shame on him.

    1. Truth, you aren't a close companion to Snotty, are you?!