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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Weather

After The Drought The Deluge.

Still the EU funded Met Office claim they know what's happening with our weather and our climate. As is always the case the will and vagary of Nature is ignored. Such as many weeks or even months of unusual conditions such as the dry period recently are followed inevitably by the opposite. Hence this washout summer continues.

There are however anomalies in the pressure patterns affecting us. The climate change brigade's agenda that it's all our fault looks very sick indeed.  Even the overcrowded South East of The UK is as soaked as it's possible to be. Of course this life giving bountiful water is all draining away with barely one per cent harvested and stored. Why bother when you can make huge profits and bonuses without bothering to gather such constant rainfall?

Nevertheless, The Mighty EU want what little we do get piped into our home to cost a great deal more. The master plan is to divert the Northern water South, just as the way wealth is also being re-distributed. 

Again Nature doesn't play ball. Jacking up our water bills for their own ends, whingeing about climate change needing to cost billions all look a bit rich when Nature shows how puny we really are. 

The Japanese earthquake was reported to have moved the Earth on its vertical axis. Now we have unpredictable outdated computer models which are failing dismally to consider that catastrophic event and its influence on our climate. The jet stream movement is very much not as it was. Quite logical if you look at the movement of air about a spinning top when its axis is nudged.

So if someone would care to write new data to include the reality of an Earth shift we might again be able to predict more accurately what weather has in store for us. My guess is a continual unsettled pattern for some years and an ever present Northerly influence. More frequent cold air streams and interspersed very long wet periods when warmer air intrudes. 

Rather than global warming and Mediterranean summers we are more likely to face ever colder and more savage winters and wet, short summers. At least unless the Planet recovers is past angles of inclination!


  1. I would suggest OR that the computer modellers study the reports from Wimbledon and Test cricket matches over the years - they might learn about the obtuse nature of weather.

    Amusingly, I have an iPhone App that has told me, down here in Plymouth, that we were to have five solid days of rain last week - three of those days have been absolutely gorgeous sunny days.

    What do they know!

    1. Like everything else we get what we pay for, BJ!

  2. "Rather than global warming and Mediterranean summers we are more likely to face ever colder and more savage winters and wet, short summers"

    True OR. But guess what they will blame that on ? 'Climate disruption' due to global warming lol
    Although I notice that they've moved on to 'sustainability' now.
    Their scare stories have been rubbished so for Rio+20 it will be 'sustainability'. We must all be chemtrailed and fed frankenstein food in order to kill us for the 'greater good'. I think one of the scammers should volunteer for the chop first to show us they're serious.
    I wonder why the global warming scammers can't do a conference call rather than travelling the globe to exotic places at great cost and fuel ? Oh hang on I think I know lol..

    1. TPTB must find brainwashing so hard whilst they have little control over the internet, George.