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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Weather And Politics.

Two Depressing Subjects For Northern Europe.

We are unable to do much about this dreary, drought soaked Spelman Summer and as always there are highlights.  A neighbour's quiet satisfaction that our NGS open garden day would be a wash out  was just as quietly gainsaid! So, as the old but long ignored proverbs are so often proven just as valid, I offer "every cloud" one, with regards to weather. Sadly not to politics.

For the calamitous and similarly political and financial unending downpour of ever worse and incompetent failure, my proverb has to be "never a borrower or lender be"! Naturally this would make all our lives much more difficult. Cars would not be sold in vast numbers, banks would be unable to pay huge bonuses for ponzi scheme creators and Governments would be less able to interfere in each others' back yards.

So perhaps we might modify the old saying and insert the words "badly managed" after the "never". For let's be clear on this unwholesome global debt crisis. It is not the fault of any single Nation, more the collusion, corruption and criminal greed that pervades our institutions. 

To the fore of all this has to be The EUSSR. Yet the same architects, of this now badly crumbling edifice to stupidity, are clamouring for even larger structural changes to the toxic, asbestos design. Desperate to keep the building upright. None of them realise that what we see is only the result of flawed foundations built on quicksands of debt. 

I guess, however, the interested Bilderberger, New World Order cretins will pursue their vaulted ambition regardless of the consequences. Only when their lives are brought to book and their criminality put in the dock will we see change. Here this very clever and admirable lady moots the idea of an international body for just that purpose.

How wonderful if those at any level of bureaucracy were made to answer for their failure and greed. Council leaders whingeing about elderly care costs whilst paying each other and their cronies vast salaries and perks, for a start. The Sir Humphreys getting examined forensically about their gaffes and waste rather than honour and favour added to their swollen, career long, bank balances at our expense. As for a really juicy target, how about The EU Commission be taken to trial to explain their inability to get billions and billions of unaccounted losses signed off on their accounts?

It won't happen, of course. All too big to be made accountable or be seen for what they are. Such accountability requires smaller more manageable entities and democratic accountability. Nation States are an anathema to those who would be pigs replacing farmers. It is horrendous to the Merkin like creatures that Spain or Greece, Portugal or Ireland should have democratic autonomy. That they were far more stable, less indebted and happier is not to be considered. 

Military occupation is too up front and in the face of freedom, so this new way was created. Same control and dictatorial, undemocratic enforced insurgence. Just more stealthy, though also deadly. Ask how the Greek people regard their new masters. Those who have not yet killed themselves, of course. It is now spreading across Spain and is not a pleasant spectacle. Raedwald puts it more succinctly than I and shows the awfulness of this land grab. For this is what it is and our lives continue under the dark clouds and storms, so encapsulated by this wretched summer of rain and misery.

I'll leave you with an image which says it all as to why we suffer so much from these clones. 

I present to you the Queen of Drought!

"Europe" to the rotten core!


  1. “If we remain outside the euro, we will simply continue to subside into a position of relative poverty and inefficiency compared to our more prosperous European neighbours.” - Nick Clegg, 2001

    I bet dave's little helper would still sign us up if he had the chance lol

    The global warming scammers said we would have hot dry summers. I wonder how they will fudge this summer washout ?

  2. Simple, George - they will say it is because of global warming that this is happening. Whatever happens with the weather, it is all the fault of "yoomans" producing CO2 (one of the scammers has already stated that it is global warming that is causing such cold weather. Go figure!). Of course, it is always other "yoomans", not them, in their cossetted, globe-trotting quest seeking windmills to tilt at.

    Radical Rodent

  3. George and Radical Rodent, I'm afraid these Ostriches will die without ever removing their empty heads from the sand.

  4. Chloe Smith ( who she ?). A wee lassie put to the sword by Paxman tonight.
    Unbelievable really. How much is she paid ?
    She didn't know when she was told about the U turn on the rise in fuel duty. Didn't know where the shortfall in funding would come from. Said it would be £1.5Bn last month but only £600m tonight. Thought we were 'reducing the monthly deficit' when it actually rose by £3Bn in May.
    As she gulped another drink from her glass of water Paxo asked if she was fed up being so incompetent lol

    1. Hi, Doom laden! She was a joke and a perfect example of why we're in such a mess. Her becoming an MP was based on the shambles wrought by Labour over 13 years. Even she is better than their best ever were!