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Thursday, 7 June 2012

We Did For The North Americans.

Now For The Rest Of The World.

Never mind, summer holidays for the elite soon.

Winning hearts and minds  seems to have been Obummered and NATOED. The mass migration to The Americas from a dysfunctional Europe cost the indigenous peoples their lands. To a large extent also their autonomy to live and preserve their lives and futures.

It would now seem this trait is endemic in the leaders of America and Europe. Not for them local solutions or the harnessing of national will. Rather the imposition of their design and lust on an epic and destructive scale. To further their passion for a global government both military and economic destruction are weapons of choice.

Everywhere this greed steps in, under all kinds of moralistic guises, nothing but mayhem ensues. Be it the alliances with corporate rapists and banksters or the subtle enslavement of a whole continent, the secretive end game is a World government by the grasping few.

It therefore follows that in the financial turmoil afflicting us all, those in the know are performing a public charade whilst secretively concluding the next stage of the master plan. Just look at Weasel Cameroon today.  Salivating over his posturing meeting with the genital wig, Merkin.

Both Obummer and The Boy are singing from the same sheet. "Ein folk, ein Europa, ein Welt." is the real agenda. An EUSSR in place and then we start on elsewhere. Probably South East Asia and The Middle East. The latter already being groomed, via Turkey, to be absorbed into the EU's Eurasia.

So what? Why get worked up about it? Well, if you stop and think about whose to pay for this enormous enterprise it might stir and rankle. So far it's the Greek people suffering the most direct consequences of this evil hubris on the economic front, The Afghans on the military receiving end.

The Spanish and Iran are in the firing line, respectively to the weapons of choice, too. It's only a matter of time before we are all getting ever more painfully shafted. Note, however the architects of this hovel still get their fees and their luxurious banquets and junkets. Strange how wars and summits always find money for their activities, isn't it?

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