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Sunday, 3 June 2012

These Are The Crooks You Are To Reward.

They're The Friends Of The EU And Wall Street Crooks.

This clip, above, is doing the rounds and I make no apology for running it here. One aspect that is missing is the collusion that is involved to allow this to happen. That collusion is,  as I constantly bang on about,  between Political, pygmy front men, the bankers and their commercial lawyers, corporate monoliths and finally, the Gangster, drug dealing barons.

As this young lady so lucidly points out, all the action that is allowed to work, with this overwhelming debt culture, is designed to protect the strong rooms of this satanic, global club of grasping individuals. Men, mainly, bent on world domination, regardless of the means.

Those means include mass migration to break up National identities and undermine cultures and homelands. First The North American people were overwhelmed from the European migrants in a horrific, genocidal conquest. Now that model is being trailed worldwide. As ever, the weaponry deployed is fiscal as well as violent.

I am beginning to see a destruction of peoples' living standards and savings as a pre-requisite for this global dominance, to be enjoyed by a few hundred thousand at the expense of many billions.  As the North American Indians were butchered, so, now,  it's our turn. 

Any debt repayments necessary are to be forced onto we ordinary schmucks. So far they are winning. Look at the Greek tragedy and get ready for the same. The Irish have just gleefully accepted it with open arms. They deserve all the austerity and poverty coming their way. Idiots but aren't we all? Well, with the exception of this little girl!


  1. Have you seen this one?


    1. Hi, Demetrius, yes I did pick up on that.

  2. The girl in the video is merely reciting words her old man wrote down. She's merely the gimmick. She hasn't got a clue what she's on about.

    As for massive migration well, you'll disagree with what I'm going to say, but, the bottom line is - what's good for Jews is hell for everyone else. Why? 84 lands they've been evicted from because they're hated for many reasons. They promote massive migration in order to never be kicked from another land ever again, purposefully smashing the 'majority' indigenous peoples in order that their enemy isn't too powerful.
    We have been warned, time and time again, throughout history by many people of the problem with the pharisees' flock, the Jews and the massive damage they do to society. No one listens to the warnings and life gets worse.



  3. Relatively straightforward to counter your take on the young lady. Music performed by a choir or artist, that inspires, is worthy of listening to. The performer is the conduit of the piece written. A bad presentation, no interest.

    Now the latter take. Jewish migration is little different from any other. It is often persecution and/or economically driven.

    The Islamic doctrine is world domination and an avowed cause, with no barriers to that jihad. The Jewish people use wealth creation as their defense, very successfully, the Muslim Islamic route is 9/11 terrorism, London 7/7 murder. hard to determine which is the least offensive or nasty.

    This argument can only be decided person by person. Evidence based discussion is pointless in these matters. Only you are I can choose that which we are prepared to accept.

    With or without research I remain open minded on many things but reserve the right to determine that which I accept or not.

  4. OR,

    Jews are persecuted because of how they behave. They end up leaving/getting kicked out of the country they were previously in, only to move onto the next and start all over again on their parasitism of the indigenous, that got them kicked out of lands in the first place!

    It is so easy to attack Islam as that's there, in your face in many cities up and the down the UK, but OR, it's not the enemy you can see that's the most dangerous, but the enemy you can't. Did it ever occur to you JUST WHO ALLOWED THE MASS IMMIGRATION into the UK of Muslims and for what reason? This was the key to seriously opening my eyes about the agenda and I lived, slap bang in the east of London, which has become Islamic in many parts. I lived on the frontline but could still see through all the bullshit.

    And OR come on? You really don't believe that Muslims had anything to do with 9/11 and 7/7 do you? That was 100% Mossad, UK & USA special services that did those and look at the Jews who benefited from the events? The Israeli PM said that 9/11 was good for Israel FFS! Have you not put the pieces of the Jigsaw together yet? Does the creation of an apartheid state in Israel, the holocaust, WW2 etc not have any bells ringing yet? You're a Christian I believe, so what does Christ say of the Pharisees? These, after all are the rabbis of the Jewish faith and no one bothers to come to any conclusion, believing that Judaism is like Christianity but with synagogues.

    The bottom line OR, is that the greatest enemy mankind faces is from Judaism and it always has been. Until people wake up to this simple fact, then there will be nothing whatsoever to stop the prison, the Jews are building around all goy with which to serve them as the cattle they see them as, as prophesied in their teachings.