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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Short And Not Sweet.

The Spanish Bailed Out For Less Than A Day!

In order to promote the Federal European State and further the dubious aims of the Bilderberger conspiracies, money to bribe reluctant peoples was required. This was poured into the "poorer" Southern nations in the form of loans and grants to fuel debt ridden expansion.

This largesse was naturally embezzled like crazy in developer and agricultural scams coupled with a gold rush by bankers to get their claws into this pile of money being haemorrhaged by the ever more indebted North. This ponzi scheme, whereby money from one source was used to shore up liabilities elsewhere, could never last.

The trouble was, in the course of this madness, a monolithic structure of a bureaucracy was built as a bastion against future collapse. Now it is regarded that, not only banks are too big to fail, so is The EU. Now where I'm sitting that doesn't look so chipper a theory. Certainly 100 billion euros from God knows where, has lasted but less than a day in the Markets. 

The sleight of hand over the weekend caused a spike in the trading halls only for it to fizzle out like air from a leaky balloon. The squeaking noise was the same sound, as well!

So what next? Easy. More theft from the millions holding personal savings and or pensions. A complex combination of taxation, VAT and inflationary moves will be employed to wrestle those left with a few cents, to the floor. It still will result in the impoverishment of the masses and the present hardships will seem a walk in the park. The only consolation will be the tumble weed blowing through the derelict office blocks and palaces of Brussels. Sadly not in my lifetime.


  1. Yes OR, I see that Italy are required to contribute 17% of this loan to the banks ( it's not a bail out apparently ).
    Italy has debts somewhere north of £2trillion so will have to borrow the 17% at high rates to lend to Spain so that Spain can stumble on for another month or so. Until the next 'loan' is required.

    John Major is moralising at the Levenson inquiry and being soft balled by his buddies.
    Be great to ask John why he was rogering the scrawny old Edwina over the desk while signing away our sovereignty at Maastricht yet moralises to us.
    Doesn't sound like a family loving europhile to me. Which is his claim today.

    oh your sub headline doesn't look right OR. Some words mixed up or something.

    This is a good vid.
    From the US but you could substitute any govt..

    1. George, sub-head fixed, thank you! Also much obliged for the comments and the vid.

    2. No probs OR.
      Still a wee typo in your sub heading though. 'Our' should be 'out'.
      Leveson almost got interesting today. Ed Millipede was about to outline how Damien corrupted politics but Mr Jay saw the danger and shut him down sharpish lol
      Can't have the truth getting out.

    3. A double thank you George. Busy under
      gardening so under time pressure is my excuse!
      As for Milibad The Ed, saw him on the news. Why the even more twisted mouth, nasal twang and black eyes? Coke?

    4. No probs OR. I love the gardening myself so quite understand.
      It's possible that Ed has overindulged in the marching powder but I read over at Guido's that he'd had another operation on his nose so maybe that's it.
      I've often wondered why most politicians are ugly with poor speech capabilities and bad teeth and reckon it might be because they were bullied at school and saw politics as a way of getting back at us.

  2. I understand that a major agricultural development in the south of Spain that is dependent on water from deep wells will soon run out of it because excessive extraction has substantially lowered the water table. Taking pitchers to the wells comes to mind.

  3. Can we flog them some of our drought, Demetrius?