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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Please Forgive Me!


I'm heavily tied up organising a Jubilee concert for tomorrow evening, so have taken the liberty of linking to a read that I wish I could so well elucidate. I hope you enjoy, not that that's the right word, wish me luck!


  1. Oh my poor eyes! Was it necessary to show that ghastly pic, lol.
    Very good post by The Slog.
    Have a lovely Jubilee weekend and good luck with your concert.

  2. It looks so wonderful on the news to be in England during this special time for the Queen!
    I wish I could have been there for that, instead of the olympics (I'm not going to that either).

    Enjoy the concert, OR. I'm sure if you're organizing it, it will be a smashing success.
    Are you going by the river to see the flotilla? That looks like it will be very cool, I hope it doesn't rain hard. Have fun and God save the Queen!

  3. Hi, AB, the weather is not that which was promised. Still good stuff away from crooked politicos, for a change, though. T
    V for the pageant, garden for the Olympics! Many thanks for your always kind words and thoughts.

  4. Oh Dear OR, a day of celebration and you posted a picture of three reprobates definitely overdue a smack. With a shovel... I'm cheering up already! Yes, a couple of rounds of dodge the shovel for the unholy trio, then a quick visit to A&E for Mandelbum where he wakes up to see the doctors and nurses anxiously reassuring him that the shovel handle HAS been successfully removed and, given time, he will be able to walk again.

    Apart from that, could you possibly pass on my thanks to Lady OR for her inspiration ref. the Caratacus garden? It's looking much better today - not least due to the overdue drinky-poo it had last evening - and I am now on the lookout for a bush which goes by the name of Azara dentata. Evergreen with the most beautifully scented small yellow flowers. All of a sudden the childish antics of the buggerbrains in Westsphincter are receding into the distance :-)

  5. Hi, Caratacus. Your kind words relayed to SWMBO!
    I thought the trio need airing so people don't forget. The present charlatans are the best of a thoroughly bad bunch! Not least the DNA riddled cheating Ms Warsi.