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Friday, 22 June 2012

Not Only Labour Got It Wrong.

It's A New World Order Passion.

Milibad says Labour got it wrong and cites that mad man Snotty's Mrs Duff gaffe of the century. Yet Wallace's words ring hollow when set against this cretinous UN "special representative" on immigration,   Sutherland. This fat cat on all counts,  piece of human excrement on fat legs, is a fully paid up member of the 10 star hotel dwellers and globe trotting card members of the UN.

The UN an organisation long since the preserve of the new World Order bastions of a global reach. An ineffective talking shop of immense influence masquerading as a humanitarian moral guardian whilst secretly pursuing the Bilderberger cause of world government.

Just as The EU preaches this mantra of all migration glorious and good, all indigenous nationhood bad and evil, so these minions basking in the Strauss-Kahn image of excess and hotel hopping luxury care little about the needs and nature of human existence. This obsession with a world so mixed in race, colour and creed as to become an aimless drift into extinction , is a stupid and ridiculous modern notion of superior arrogance.

With scant regard for the destruction of peoples, brought about in the genocidal creation of the USA, the fierce loyalty to tribal and blood related family ties ignored by the Iraqi and Afghanistan debacles, these idiots pursuing their mantra of ethnic and indigenous destruction need a lesson in how creatures live. It's not as one wholesome group of like minded and angelic globe trotters.

People need a focus in their lives where loving and nurturing relationships thrive and set example to those around them. We need to build a sense of belonging and sharing that family, local and national identity brings. This dreadful global reach of corporate greed has proven, if ever proof were needed, that big is bad. very bad. So what does this army of insider appointed ambassadors to the Devil incarnate get to do?

Preach that the failings of this past decade, that is destroying the very fabric of our identity and sense of belonging, needs more of the carnage that mass migration, displacement and failed multi-cultural ism has wrought. It is little better than the demands of radical Islamic preaching of the creation of a Muslim world.
Both ridiculous ideals have been shown to be diabolically misplaced. Indeed if we look at how mixing cultural differences pans out, especially for the female half of humankind, we can but shudder how it has failed the genuine refugee seeker and blighted those nations forced to suffer it's dark and unpleasant consequences. If you doubt me, just ask Ed Milibad this very day!


  1. Ah, Mr. Sutherland, don't mention Gaddafi, it would not be polite. Perhaps he should revisit Ireland to study the benefits that the last two deacades have brought that country.

  2. He was visiting Ireland regularly if fact it was he who TOLD that other fat pig PM Brain Cowen [Biffo] to bailout the Irish banks. Well the Irish voted for slavery so they deserve each other.The NWO of which this pig is part of want massive uncontrolled immigration so they can get rid of the nation states.

  3. While our society has been conditioned now to hate anything Islamic (I myself snapped out of the mind control when I understood what Judaism really was), it's somewhat ironic that we are attacking them for having the very thing we in the UK (not me) are happily pissing down the toilet - nationality and culture.

    Sure corporate greed is most certainly a symptom of the disease but most certainly not the cause. Why would corporations need to homogenize peoples and destroy their cultures, when it doesn't matter what nationality or culture that human is, as long as they're being exploited?
    This goes far, far deeper than corporate greed. Sure the corporations are building themselves up to be the major institutions that will rule in the very near future (not that they already aren't) but you have to dig much, much deeper in order to understand just WHO'S behind the multiculturalisation of the world.

    You, along with the overwhelming majority (thanks to educational and MSM indoctrination) do not realise that the problem with Judaism has been one that's thousands of years old. Why do I mention Judaism? I mention Judaism, simply because the whole grand scheme of the New World Order is a Jewish World Order and the reason why Jews want a multicultural west is because, indigenous blocks, who make up the majority have throughout history, booted the trouble making, parasite we call Jews, out of their lands, making life impossible for them to manipulate and control the goyim, as their Talmud teaches them.

    Until people wake up, seriously educate themselves on just what Judaism is, then nothing will ever change and more importantly they will remain constantly ignorant on just who their real enemy is. Am I talking of the everyday Jew that walks the street? No. I am talking of the elite Ashkenazis; the Lucifer followers and their many henchmen who are building a paradise for themselves that will be hell for all non Jews.

    I've been writing for years now about the planned genocide of the white peoples that will be followed by the blacks, the Asians, the Australoids and Amerindians. There will be a total destruction of all world religions (except Judaism of course) that will be replaced by a one world (Talmudic based) New Age consciousness, which will be the worship of materialism and superficiality we know as Lucifarianism.

    Until people see that the problem is Judaism, nothing will ever change. We have been lied to continuously on what it is. To understand what it really is you have to study it yourself.



  4. Had a bit too much sherry tonight have we?