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Friday, 29 June 2012

Let's try And Get This Straight!

Failed Banks And Governments Agree More Debt Plan.

A sack of potatoes is to be offered up as collateral to the already insolvent EU and it's crooked, equally bust banks. A new form of words has saved the eurozone for 12 hours at least. Then the enormity, of finding money which no longer exists, the bill for new printing paper unpaid and the desire to borrow from those countries asking to borrow bail out dosh to pay the debt interest already unpayable, hits the market makers' thick skulls. Off we go again. We need another "summit" to scale our way out of the cess pit we keep sliding back into.

Now you and I can only watch in awe as this mindless, rather poor amateur drama plays out. We are an audience locked in the village hall and forced to watch. That we may never gain back our freedom but be required to pay a large ticket price, daily, for this debacle to be dragged before us, escapes most of the audience as well as the clowns in the pantomime.

On this day international crooked dealing and insider collusion to rob the world's populations, was identified. On an horrific scale. Notwithstanding the growing realisation as to why 2007 happened, this bunch agree that tax payers' present and future funds may be pledged, as collateral, to the very banksters whose whoring of the political classes continues unabated and unashamed. 

We learnt that Snotty was in on the LIBOR fixing scams. Then The Mandarins persuaded The Boy and his tuck shop chums that it was such a wheeze to steal the shirts from peoples' backs and make them think you were doing them a favour, they chose not to bury the cheating and greedy warmongers who preceded them. Better, they are whispered to, is retain the nuclear option of economic Armageddon. Nice one Sir Satanic Humphrey, you bastard child of the devil. Was Mum named Rosemary?

Well, despite the back slapping idiocy from the EU gravy train club, the monumental illegalities coming out of the woodwork will consume them. Any hope that China and the rest of the BRIC fund holders might deem funding this bunch of crooks, is ludicrous. 

The whole rotten core that is the EU/USA banking collusion with the political string pullers in Berlin, Brussels and Washington, is  finished. Who wants a federal union built on such flimsy characters run from, in reality, Sicily? Nope, the real solution is to track down where the trillions of scammed riches went and get most of it back. Never mind warring with the likes of The Taliban, time we sorted our own charnel houses. Obviously a myriad of skeletons to be cleared out here! We shall need military help to take on those who will not take kindly to having to give back our stolen wealth.

As for where to start. Whitehall and Westminster these past 15 years would be good. The pantomime dame that is Snotty for starters. Merkin coverall another. The Yanks can sort their own banksters out, I hope.


Amusing Bunni said...

All these creeps want to do is steal the last penny everyone might be able to save. Tax Tax Tax! I'm sick of it, and snotty, while being too stupid to be a real mafia don, did and still does act like a crook.

Have a nice weekend, OR.

george said...

But Rejoice OR ! The markets are up on the news that the eurozone and the banks are to be supported by another bailout. Only £1Bn for us to borrow and pay in. Bargain.
All is well. Until Monday ;)

Oldrightie said...

Thanks, Bunni, you too have a great weekend safe in the knowledge we will never be the nasty creeps this lot are!

Oldrightie said...

Yes, George and you and I cannot use this blip upwards like those who trade in the small hours can.

Odin's Raven said...

Here it is suggested that Brown was complicit with the banks in manipulating the LIBOR rate:

FrankC said...

Random thought, strong drink having been taken : what happens if the banknote printers (De La Rue ?) decide to only work for gold?

Oldrightie said...

High, Odin's black bird, that link inspired this post, to a certain extent. This morning the spin meisters are trying to load everything onto their once cosy bank chums. Labours' and now this cretinous Cobbletion's Sir Bumphreys need sorting. A couple of Gus O'Donnells locked up could change our Nation.

Oldrightie said...

Frank, funny you should say that! Only roubles then!

Demetrius said...

Spuds? At our local farm we get a choice of real varieties. The trouble is that all the politicians seem to be on Russet Burbank.

Oldrightie said...

Full of blight, too.