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Friday, 15 June 2012

How Politicians Love To Posture!

Especially Over Oil Riches!

A harridan like our own Harperson  blathers on in an ignorant and unpleasant manner smarting over the oil potential of a group of islands ignored and uninhabited until settled by a bunch of hardy and industrious Northern Europeans. Though disputed territory there is some reasonable evidence as to its historic, non aggressive, occupation and ergo deserved right of ownership.

I am always uncomfortable with enforced occupation and the colonialist past, or even of today. This woman bleats on about the distance these Islands lie from Britain but fails to remark on the fact they were uninhabited and by definition unwanted and undesired!

Like the Outer Hebrides there is a windswept bleakness of off putting magnificence. One demanding of a stoical and resilient habitation. One not accepted in centuries past as worthy of South American dwelling, let alone Argentina. As for their name Malvinas, no different than their word for Britain, Inglés, just their language differential, Spanish at that! A ploy to invoke emotional anger in the claimants rather paucity of historical links! Pot calling kettle black of some significance!

Again, back to the distance between The UK and The Falkland Islands. How far did the Pilgrim Fathers go to rape and pillage North America, or her ancestors from Iberia? As for modern day pillaging, she does not bear scrutiny, as suggested in this article.

So I once more offer my belief that this woman covets the potential billions Falkland waters might bring, not for her colonised Argentina, rather for herself and political friends. Had a violent and genocidal invasion been the cause of this residential Falkland's mix, I would be less sympathetic. As it is I consider the Islanders a stoical, hard working even if dour people.

They have made these Islands a haven for sturdy and land loving folk in the traditions of all that is best in the human condition. Long may they continue to do so. Sadly it may well be Big Oil that wins this argument and they will deal with Satan or The Argentinian elite,  if it gains advantage.

Whatever that future, I guess the romance of these peoples' history will be lost to ever more strident demands from those with not a jot of emotional integrity in their bones. Ideally the Falkland Islanders would unite with the Argentine indigenous people to turf out all of the Big Oil influence and share between themselves the bonanza of riches, to help the least well off. Just as we did in The UK. Oh, sorry, we didn't did we?



  1. Interesting seeing call me Dave vigorously defending the Falklanders right of self determination and promoting their referendum next year.
    This contrasts sharply with his meddling in the Scottish referendum and demanding to set the questions and timing etc. Especially after the people of Scotland elected the SNP twice in the Scottish Parliamentary elections.
    And i'm in no doubt that he wouldn't have second thoughts about turfing out the Falkanders from their island or handed power to Argentina if it suited his agenda . The people of Diego Garcia were turfed out to make way for an airstrip for the US.
    If it was China and not Argentina then Dave would be sitting talking right now (see Hong Kong).

    Dave looked well shifty at Leveson's whitewash. 28 'don't remembers' or 'can't recalls' He outforgot the Murdochs and the ginger one combined.
    I wonder if politicians are prone to early onset dementia or just lying buggers. Mmmm I know my answer.

    1. George, your answer is that of most of us.

  2. I'm trying to imagine Harridan standing up to Kirchner.

    Can't. It would be "we sisters together against the male oppressor."

    1. Hi, James, long time no comment! As for your imagination, you're right with the exception of Mr Dromey who is an honorary sister, is he not?