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Thursday, 28 June 2012

How Long Have We Been Calling Them Crooks?

Now We Are Learning How Deep Into Corruption They Are.

More information is to be found if you look. My purpose with this post is to highlight how we ordinary bloggers and readers have been fully aware of how much we are derided and swindled, lied to and screwed, by this cabal of thieves and gangsters.

The unholy troika of Mafia linked, bankster fraudsters and political conspirators, whose chains are yanked daily by their Uncivil and nasty mandarins, is the reason our savings and prosperity is in the gutter. Only a wholesale upheaval, in which this sorry bunch of excrement filled crooks are brought to justice, will see us restore any hope for the future.

Unfortunately so intertwined is this nest of vipers and cleverly ensconced in Brussels and Washington, their demise will be unlikely to come about in my life time. Still, with this LIBOR fraud you never know. I just hope the head honchos in Whitehall and Brussels get rumbled first. The other colluding "barstewards" would soon follow. Now, where's that old piano wire. The rustier the better.

By the way the two crooks in the picture are just two of many, of course.


  1. I agree O.R. With the.caveat of Agenda 21.

  2. Agenda 21 is surely the enemy within?

  3. Seemingly Cast iron was briefed on the Labour libor scandal on grabbing office and decided to stay quiet. If he'd made too much of it then Labour might be out of office too long and there would be no 'opposition' to take over after the farce of an election.
    Our 'democracy' would be seen for what it is. A total sham with 'left' and 'right' basically one and the same on any major policy and taking it in turns to do the EU bidding.

  4. George I do agree with your premise with one exception. I think our Boy was spun the "You might need something like this yourself" line. Thus protecting the cretins with the real power. The unelected similar types as in Brussels.

  5. Feeling the need for a Hercules and a redirected river.

    1. Indeed, james. Just watch as the political crowd get off scott free as ever.