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Monday, 18 June 2012

How Do They Do It?

Time After Time.

The sun sets on the Greek Nation and the corrupt and powerful take over to pick the bones of this once Nation State, now subjugated by the EU's voracious appetite for a German dominated federation. One by one the smaller countries fall to the constantly stealthy, underhand grip of Berlin and the hand used for camouflage in Brussels.

Ireland was a testing ground for the use of debt as a howitzer led blitzkrieg. Greeks wriggled a little more vociferously but when push came to shove, they cave in just as the Irish did. The suicides, poverty, starvation, neglected children and the whole panoply and pain of austerity, wreaked on the "little" folk, will get ever worse. Not for the upper echelons and pals of The EU occupying forces, soon to flood down town Athens, will the hardships matter. They will get their first class flights, top hotel rooms and limousines to ferry them to the banquets and luxurious summits, for which money is always found.  

I wonder which will next be targeted for take over? Probably Portugal then Spain will fall to the might of the Berlin-EU Axis powers and knuckle under to their mortgage responsibilities engineered to bring about loss of sovereignty. A loss destined for all of us ere long. 

Note the reduction of the armed forces in the UK yet a billion quid found to launch the nuclear reactor programme for the next Trident replacement.What we are not told is those subs are already pledged to the EU as part of the burgeoning Federal Defense Force. A vast army in the making made up of Turkish troops and a plethora of mixed battalions owing allegiance only to their pay cheques sourced from Brussels. Yup, in years to come we will be paying to fund our own occupation

Whatever the years will bring, as this ghastly project stamps its nastiness over the Continent, I know not, except that one day it will fall. That will make every conflict in history look like a minor skirmish. I can only pray I get to look down with an  "I told you so" wry smile, as it tears itself to shreds. I just hope the architects are the ones to suffer eventually. Right now they rule the roost and we get to pay, in many different ways. All of them distinctly unpleasant and it's only the beginning.


  1. Sometimes Im glad TO BE 60+ I would not like to be 20 because I fear what kind of a world we will have in the next 20 years. I guess complete take over by the NWO bankers they are not far off now.
    Two things caught my eye in the news today again WW2 graves in Libya have been destroyed I was wondering if Hague would like to comment. The other a killer foreign of course cant be deported because of his human rights. Why do we need 650 MPs when they are completely useless.

    1. I tend to agree with your comments, GS. Sad we are helpless to leave a better legacy. I was at a do last Sunday where the local MP made the usual as of himself and was followed by the equally useless MEP. Both wishing they were somewhere else.