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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Desperate Man.

Haranguing Your Pals!


What a bunch of failed clowns!

What a clown!  Preaches democracy as his failed EU dictatorship  project threatens his own personal future. Pleads for cooperation after blaming everybody else but The EU cretins such as he happily embracing the ponzi scheme boom. "Not my fault, guv, it wos them others."
All of them colluded with the regulation retreats from the banking and financial sectors. It was on the watch of Snotty and Bliar,  D'Estaing  and Sarkozy, Merkin and the rest of them. The Boy Dave is suddenly appearing to see the light but on that we cannot rely.

However Rompuy and Martin Schulz, another pair of obscure EU presidency holders, are of the same ilk as Barroso. Rake in the cash, corruption and plaudits as their pathetic  activities generated billions for themselves. Now they watch the carnage wrought, the Greeks in abject poverty and decay and they're worried sick their roles in this nightmare might be found out en masse.

Barroso's performance was quite weird to watch and hear. A cornered rat unable to decide whether to attack the closing dogs and bite, or flee away into obscurity if possible. A rapid dive into the sewer these EU privileged arses originated. I love it!


  1. I see that our 'High Representative for Foreign Affairs ms Ashton' has joined the popular show 'The Thick of It'...
    Asking if anyone knows what the Serbian leader looks like before greeting him warmly as an old friend..

  2. I caught that, too, George. What a waste of space. Ugly is as ugly does!

  3. Lets not forget Rompuy,Barroso and Aston are all lording over us while never standing for election. Something else been kept quite the Irish Finance minister attended the recent NWO Bilderberg meeting.

    1. GS, elections are just an inconvenience to this lot. When they can't prevent them they just buy the second result.

  4. Out of respect for your site OR I'm going to try and keep the expletives to a minimum ...

    The only time I tend to feel that my lack of any religious faith may have its shortcomings is at times like this. I really want there to be a reckoning for these fools, charlatans and sociopaths along the lines spoken of by my dear old Nan, "Be sure of this boy," she would say, "Gawd's slow .. but he's sure". The sheer misery these fuckwits have brought to millions of people - whose only crime was to trust the people they elected to office to do the right thing - should condemn them to an eternity of suffering in the most sulphurous pit of despair. In a more enlightened age these bastards would have been tarred, feathered and then placed in stocks for a lengthy period as targets at which the village urchins could throw rotten fruit and the ever popular barker's eggs.

    The one rather forlorn hope I have is that their pensions are contracted to be paid in euros which - if there is any justice in this world - will be worth the sum total of absolutely fuck all in a few weeks time. They can eke out their retirement years emptying bedpans in the tropical diseases unit of any teaching hospital.

    On a lighter note, my five year old granddaughter has been suffering from a bit of a cold this last week. I sympathised with her as she coughed fitfully into her hanky and asked, "What are we going to do with you, my poor girl?" She looked at me dolefully through red-rimmed eyes and said, "Put me in the bin Grandad". I dunno ... how can you hit 'em eh? :-)

    1. I hope a cosy, comfortable "bin" full of nurture was duly provided, Caratacus.