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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Corporate Arm Of NWO.......................

In Action.

It always takes  RT to give a decent overview of real news and world events. The contrast with the diet of  drivel we are spoon fed by the BBC is stark indeed.

Now at first glance you might feel this post is to go on to blog about genetic crop modification and its dangers. In essence a worthy subject for such a post. One I may well consider in the very near future. Not least when we still live with the consequences of the thalidomide, scandalous pharmaceutical mistake, from so many years ago.

However this business with Monsanto gives me the opportunity to show how corporate activity is so much a part of my frequent references to the Triad of Evil that is the political, bankster and corporate New World Order main players. Wherever their activity impacts on a people, nation or freedom of choice, it is always negative.

 Despite the dreadful and frequent disasters these corporations engender, their punishments somehow never seem to really get the powerful and top perpetrators of those occurrences. Tony Hayward, of BP Mexico oil spill fame, is another example of how the club membership works. Within days of leaving the scene he pops up elsewhere just as mega rich as ever.

It does seem this dreadful grouping with its very own supreme  ruler,  Lord Of All , is deeply entrenched and even their bag carriers enjoy greater privilege than the rest of humanity. We can only hope that people wake up and smell the coffee rather than the tragic mutations, enslavements and unhappiness being crafted for the future and already being trialled today.

If ever one almighty and glaring piece of breathtaking crookedness, the banking bail outs, should be a rallying centre, that is it. Yet still the EU storm troopers, those loyal Rothschild subordinates, aided and abetted by Obummer and hugged close by that weakling from The UK, continue to rape and pillage Greece.  Happily promise Spain billions of yet more of OUR long suffering promissory notes and fight tooth and nail to make corporate all the Nations, freedoms and peoples of the Planet.

Though their grand plan seems to be working, I suggest cracks are slowly appearing in the very  foundations of their superior wealth and cronyism. It may be long after I'm gone but I am sure that one day those deserving to pay the price of severe, deserved  punishment, will. This criminal alliance of political, bankster and corporate dream mongers of supremacy, will fall. Unfortunately it will most certainly be very bloody.


  1. The Dr. Mercola web site has been having a go at Monsanto for some time, as has the Ecologist. Today Dr. M has another major swipe in its newsletter. The thesis is that if we are not careful Monsanto could starve us all.

  2. A thesis not without some merit, Demetrius.