Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Compare And Contrast.

Merkel And Aung San Kyi.

One of these women is a beautiful and serene lover of her own Country, the other a bullying, world order wannabe dictator. Someone happy to preside over the destruction of sovereignty and the Islamification of swathes of Europe,  in order to promote her unpleasant, hectoring, selfish ambition.  Germany, on the whole, appears as asleep as the rest of the people of Europe.

I watched her tirade and bullying interference this morning and found my high spirits squashed by her nastiness and her obsession for a New World Order, led by herself and dressed as German domination to appease her detractors at home. The arrogance and the talk of a prosperous Europe, in the face of reality, is just crass and unbelievable. 

Then my spirits were one again lifted by the wonderful, martyred, Aung San Kyi. Momentarily that blown up, stuffed with BBC largesse and Irish booze, Feargal Keane, threatened to depress me yet again. Except this Angel of political, supreme, honesty and courage spoke. Despite a lifetime of persecution and the barrage of drivel spewed out of this slobs mouth and questions of utter insensitivity, she soared out into a stratosphere which he became more and more diminished by.

Just one example of his idiocy was whether she worried her "super star" status would detract from her work to free Burma and create a real national freedom and democracy. Her quiet put down was that rather than super stardom, she saw the adoration,(my adjective), she engenders comforting, heart warming, supportive and helpful.

Not only did this persecuted but strong woman shame the fat "barsteward", Keane, she gave Oldrightie hope that decency and honour can still be in the political arena. I headed the title with she and that ghastly neo- Nazi, Communist throw back, Merkel. However compare the rest of our Global Government crowd in Washington, London and Brussels. 

Examine the Harperson's greed, all reaching grasp for the goody bags and Parliamentary nepotism for Hubby behaviour. Compare Aung San Kyi's plain, simple home with the life style of the Kinnocks and Prescotts, Balls and Milibads. Look at her passionate statement that the goons could not take away her thoughts and beliefs over a life time of trying to do so. The cruelty and venom she has been subjected to is appalling but enlightening.

How many Obummers or Cameroons, Milibads or Merkins, would suffer for their countrymen and women? Not one of them gives a jot for sovereignty in the mad, deluded belief that a one world state is the way to go. This delusion, in the face of powerful nation states such as China and Russia, is sheer madness. 

For sanity we need and I long for, an Aung Sn Kyi. A patriot willing to suffer personally to create a nation able to stand proud of its own identity and prepared to share a World full of joyful differences, united in caring for others, from a position of leading by example. What do we have? A society rotten to the core and steeped in filth and corruption at every level tainted by political ambition and greed.  Here's a good example of so many available.

From councillors in local government through to the dining table at Chequers we watch the vixens and the sleazy appear to triumph over expenses scandals, cosy nepotism and favouritism and downright evil. Well, say many, that's the way it is. Not in Burma. They have a leader and figurehead of immense power and strength. It's called honesty. It comes expensive for decent people but is priceless.


  1. Well said, OR. Aung is a saint, and very selfless.

    THat fat bitch nazi merkle is disgusting. She behaves exactly like hitler, and is turning europe into a sh ot hole, like you said. You'd think germany would have learned their lesson from the past, but Nooooooooo.

  2. Thank you Bunni. If only our nations were led by such as Aung San Kyi.

  3. I agree she is a lovely feminine lady; we have become so used to horrible shouty lefty women in this country. However, I would really prefer our nation to be led by someone like Enoch Powell - maybe the best prime minister we never had.

  4. Ann, I agree with you and suggest Farage is in a similar category.