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Monday, 4 June 2012

Compare And Contrast.

Hope Really Does Spring Eternal.

Oldrightie is exhilaratingly exhausted. After twelve months from inception our jubilee concert exceeded all expectations. The finale of flag waving and exuberant singing really was a mini Albert hall! A significant sum was raised and if anyone fancies a pound or so to the Air Ambulance it would be much appreciated. Page soon to be closed.

This was, of course, one of many thousands of events large and small, this Jubilee weekend. If  this and all volunteering that goes on, was to be costed for the time people donate to good causes, let alone the donors themselves, I suspect it would be equal to many billions of pounds.

Furthermore this work is nearly always superior to the output of many employed civil servants. No time for tea breaks, flexible, minuscule, hours or surfing porn. Targets have to be met regardless. It is rather disappointing the number of cronies who, ostensibly, are retired but then head up, on fat salaries, "charities". The RSPCA is a perfect example. Typical corporate politicos.

Now extend this musing to compare this weekend's festivities and coming  The  Corporate  Olympic Games.  Lord, "richest and most pompous flame throwing arse", Coe and his VIP lanes, fraudulent ticket scams and all round brown envelope stuffer to the World's elite gangsters. As London dismally fails to cope with the Queen's pageant and grid lock the Capital, so The Olympic drudgery creeps ever closer.

No problem of course to the Civil Servant Corps of wasters. Have circa a month off. We'll still borrow enough to pay you to place your bum on your sofa at home as we do for an ergonomic, luxury office chair, back at the plush offices in Whitehall. Don't worry about all the other perks of milking the UK credit card your post entails, well still borrow for those, too.

Meanwhile, the schmucks needing to actually endeavour to meet the interest bills on the obscene borrowing requirement, to fund the bloated club of Civil Servant, wast of space, occupiers, will be struggling to cope with  the constant supply of red traffic lights. Plus of course the VIP lanes for the two fingered wavers to cruise down, smirking with a self importance only the inadequate and incompetent crook can muster.

Utter madness and mayhem for nought but an expensive display of arrogant hubris. One ejaculated over by Labour and picked up with relish by the Cobbleition and Boris Karloff with a grin. As The Jubilee fades but leaves a small flicker of pride in this hated outpost State of Brussels and fiefdom of Berlin, let us just pause and think.

We have a deficit that exceeds 120 billion quid per annum. Yet this bunch of polite but useless replacements, for the disaster that was Labour, are spending MORE  than the other lot. The inherited Olympics will be well over budget but the figures massaged to hide the fact. No doubt the millions spent on BMW limos for the crooks and corporate rapists will end up in some spivs saleroom. Those not "given" away to the Civil Servants at knock down prices.

Still, mumble no more this day. Hope still exists and the Union Flags waved last night at our finale and all over the UK, prove it. Britons never, never will be willing slaves. They just need to know the risk is a "clear and present danger!"  The next President of Britain?


  1. What crime would I be committing were I to pretend to be An Important Olympic Person and drive along their reserved highways?

    1. Do that, plus a Union Jack emblem on your number plate it'll be life.

  2. I do take some heart in the way folks arranged their own celebrations, up and down the country. Just goes to show that we can manage without the lying, cheating scum that have got themselves into positions of authority by reason of our own carelessness. We need the nanny state not at all. We need politicos not at all. We need euro-bureaucracy in all it's forms not at all. All we British people need is the Government off our backs. Achieving that will be ugly at first, as a tolerant and patient people rise and say "not in my name!" When enough of us do that, things will have to change.