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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bankrupt And Still Warmongering.

As Another Tragic Death Goes Quietly Unnoticed.

Smug arrogance personified in the image above. If you ask me if I am tired of blogging I must reply, "Yes, I am."  Will I still carry on?  "Yes I will."

It's all I have to get out of my system the sheer incompetent awfulness of those who choose to govern. All of them guilty of fraud and theft, of some sort or another, to fulfil their own selfish desires.

All of them are narcissistic power grubbing, cretinous and failed human beings. I see more decency in my little village every day than in decades observed of those at the top of the socio-economic, political spectrum.

A Naval Commander described in a documentary this morning how many lives were lost in 1941 in the Battle of The Atlantic because Whitehall and the general Staff bickered and played office politics to their hearts content. Again yet another endless example of careerists happy to witness the little peoples' deaths to protect their own desperate need to be superior.

Just think of how this reverberates throughout the system. The EU posturing likes of Barosso, Rompuy and the rest of their secretive gremlins, busy wrecking our lives. Not once do they consider their own part in the mess we're in.

The fraudulent bankers, allied to drug cartel barons' need of blood money laundering, are feted by the political classes desperate for dosh to fund their egoistic election campaigns. Manifestos churned out as glossy manuals. Documents full of lying, never to be acted upon, crap. Lies appear to be more expensive than honest decency.

Really, when we look on in fearful horror, at this decimated culture that is the remnants of The Western economies, we can only marvel at how we have been cheated, robbed and fooled. These ghastly creatures have no idea that it's all their fault. Obscene payouts to crooked executives boasting of the billions laundered from child prostitution, drugs and corruption and murder. 

Bankers pretending to mansions, jets and luxury beyond belief, swan about with hordes of sycophantic politicians and bureaucrats salivating at the possibilities of a freebie. Listening, Barrenness of Morality Warsi? Bliar, Cameron, all of you?  No, of course not. You are far too busy organising the wake of Nations, soon to be subsumed into your Federal but penniless Europe. 

Still, we live in hope. Mubarak may yet have to have his life forfeited. How nice if many, many more of them were up for scrutiny and be forced to pay for the deaths and crimes that come so easily to them. 


  1. Those two twats are sickening. The jug eared jag out here kisses that funny hat wearing freak's ass too. They give all our money (and yours) to those savages, and they laugh and murder us. I wish it would end, but sadly, I fear you'll have lots to blog about for years to come.

    1. At least one of them is due, ere long, for stoning, AB.

  2. We will give them aid money and they will give us heroin In return

  3. With cash spread where it usually goes.