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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Appeasement Of Killers.

A Moral Maze Or Stupid Act?

I am cognisant of the arguments against capital punishment, the teachings of Christ and the manner of reality in human existence and behaviour. I am also fully aware of the way in which empires on a vast scale fail, as do the smaller tribes and nations. In all cases the failure is marked by the breakdown of discipline which in turn is exploited by the plotters who seek power and influence for their own ends.

A good example of the worst excesses of evil  possible in the human species is, probable murderer, Martin McGuinness. I see in him the same turncoat ability displayed by the likes of Prescott. A lifetime of unpleasant nastiness converted to a later existence of privilege and wealth.

Compare this scum  with the humble but noble spirit of Ben-Parkinson. A young man for whom the pleasures enjoyed by the "retired" terrorists and class warriors can never be the luxury they enjoy. If anyone believes Prescott does not still hanker after Tracy like dalliances are as mad as his grasping Mrs.  Still maybe Prezza will soon have a Gaddafi style entourage of glamorous police women "guards" to lust over as a Police Commissioner, God help us.

So all I can hope for today is, as the Queen shakes the hand of this disciple from hell, she will hold  the faces above in her minds eye. As for the motivation behind this crass gesture, we can only guess at. Only one thing is certain. It will involve some nasty, behind the scenes, deceitful deal. It always does.


  1. The queen has shaken hands with bigger tyrants than McGuinness. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Her middle eastern guests have slaughtered ( and continue to slaughter and torture ) hundreds of thousands. Plus her signing away of our sovereignty in 7 EU treaties makes today just a sideline for the dozy media. She's just an EU citizen like the rest of us.

    I wouldn't fancy giving the govt the power to kill us so I hope they never bring back the death penalty. Secret trials would quickly result in secret hangings. How many hundreds have been found guilty and then subsequently pardoned ? Dozens from Northern Ireland for a start.

  2. I have to say that I feel for The Queen on this one. How galling must it be for her to have to shake the hand of one complicit in so much misery, not to mention the murder of a close and loved cousin. I've been to Enniskillen and stood at the memorial to the 12 who lost their lives at that fateful Remembrance Day service. It is something especially chilling. The contrast behind the cowardly IRA tactics against harmless folks, gathered to remember the war dead heroes, versus the bravery of those who fought and died for their country was most marked, and very distressing.
    But now the captains of IRA/Sinn Fein have decided they can get their way (a united Ireland) via the so-called "peace process", they are being feted by our half-crazed politicos as if they were some kind of brave, good people. They are most definitely not.

  3. Bob, I posed the arguments which you have commented upon. We're not very far apart, are we?
    Bullo, likewise and beautifully put.