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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Magicians.

This sketch describes perfectly our modern politicians, including Chancellors and Prime Ministers. A desire to appear clever, produce something from nothing and magic us all to the polling booths. The guys behind the scenes used to be The Civil Service Mandarins who are now, in all but name, the EU Commissioners' lackeys.

To continue the analogy we also have the clumsy, deteriorating evolving of the performance. As the aims and objects become ever greater, the quality goes down hill. Eventually the whole thing becomes farcical. In Tommy's case that is a deliberate and desirable conclusion. Not so our idiots in charge.

You watch again, if you have already done so. Then attach, in your mind, a policy or action by Government, to the objects produced. For example an empty basket, economic total lack of ideas, the big stick and so forth. Overriding the whole thing is that it's not magic but little more than sheer, deluded incompetence throughout the Western, mismanaged, decline. A poor effort of deception and deceit.

Mind you voters throughout The USA and Europe appear to be rebelling. The tame media claim so very erroneously that the feelings expressed are anti-austerity. What utter drivel. It's "anti" the stupid incompetence that got us where we are. The Pied Pipers of globalisation and one size fits all, socialist mating with the Devil of greed, that are the targets of ire. 

Furthermore it is the recognition that those who got us here are not the ones to save us. The same is happening with shareholders at last demanding performance for reward. No, BBC, Reuters et al, you can stay the sycophants of this failed regime, people are stretching from a long sleep. Watch out when they become fully awake.

Since we are beyond weeping and wailing perhaps all we can do is laugh. It's little more than the Merkels deserve, which is why I often refer to the hunched up crone as a Merkin. All cover up and subterfuge, hiding the real, unpleasant nastiness behind. 

"Shudders and stops smiling with the horror!"


  1. Splendid analogy OR :-)

    If there is a slight difference it perhaps is that, deep down, Tommy Cooper knew he wasn't really fooling anyone but felt he had to continue for appearance's sake ... whereas the cynical window-lickers in the Palace of Westminster really believe that they are fooling us, and can't wait to have another go.

    If they had any idea of how they are truly regarded by us, the Great Unwashed, they would quite faint away. Yes - particularly you Mandelbum... Destiny has an appointment with your arse and my right boot in the future... boot, wellington (steel toe-capped), for the use of .. don't want to risk one's health and all that ;-)

    1. "If they had any idea of how they are truly regarded by us, the Great Unwashed, they would quite faint away."

      The awareness is getting through. They just hope their EGF will be ready to quell the inevitable uprisings.

  2. Just read this now..
    How about hiring 4 minibuses drop one lot outside Buckingham Palace next lot outside Downing street another lot outside Clegg's place and finely the rest outside Miliband house.
    What a joke this country has become.

    1. Great spot, GS. Taken down now except for Google history! I've linked that to twitter. I guess that won't last long, either.

  3. It's still online as I type this, and also in the print edition this morning.

  4. Micro, thanks for that. It seemed to have been a temporary blip or perhaps my spooks minder!