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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Things In Common.

The Fearful Times We Live In.

A patriotic heroine who has lived her whole life in defiance of dictatorship and despots. In such countries even the most ill educated understand the importance of democratically influenced government and National belonging. Meanwhile we in Europe emulate the march of the Jews into the gas chambers. Death rooms purported to be cleansing showers of freshness and joyous relief from a tiring and long journey to this new world.

The passion once held by those throughout Europe who fought against the enforcement of a one State, Third Reich dictatorship, now seem uncaring as to the new and to date, successful, political cabal in Brussels and Berlin. 

Like the man made global warming, climate change "it's all your fault" scam, the EU Federal juggernaut is known and proven to be a shambolic potage of lies and deceit, designed to cow us all into taking a cleansing bath. An ablution and absolution, to free us of National pride and our love of tradition, history and celebration of the good things from the past. 

Identity and sense of belonging, together with the security of the familiar, are all an anathema to the despots clamouring for a one nation State.One that by only draconian methods of control and savagely enforced edicts, can ever work. The Orwellian 1984 novel the model and bible for this "brave new world". (Pun intended, Aldous).

 Throughout the Continent the old guard of political and arrogant self perpetuating elites continue to gain ground and suffocate dissent. As riots and violence get ever more frequent, these terrorists of anti  democracy and national pride, smirk and giggle. As we see when Farage addresses their smug assemblies. For these fat cats and multi-billionaire embezzlers of our money by the ton, the framework is in place and they have no fear of collapse. 

Only the poor and the citizenry will suffer personal hardships and decline. The "far right" vilification feeds on those looking to help and support their own people. As in Greece anything not of the left and communist persuasion, throughout Europe, is seen as the enemy of the grand vision of an EUSSR. Nigel Farage points this out clearly when raging about the solid relationship of the EU Commissioners' deep seated political leanings in the communist direction. That of course spawned a billionaire elite, just the same. Many who fled to London and Europe with their ill gotten loot.

Yet our own craven UK establishment crawl on their knees to this new dictatorship. Only their own bedazzled dreams of power, wealth and influence guide them. The decomposing corpse of our own National pride and endemic love of the place of our birth, is laughed at and dismissed. No fear allowed to puncture their unpleasant superiority, as the "first past the post" electoral system continues on its path of democratic destruction.

It is so very difficult to retain any sense of political hope for the future. As this week's elections loom, the scripts are already written. Milibad will ponce about the Country oblivious to the time in Government when his lot laughed off local election annihilations. The Boy and his chum Calamity will bang on about staying the course, tough times, mid-term blues and so on. All the while all of the quislings quietly allowing the EU Federal, USA/USSR model to grow, behind the curtains of their treachery. 

The fill above tells us, with simple and intelligent logic from Farage,  how awful the EU journey to Big Brother ordinariness and enslavement is. yet still they smirk and preen with their cosy, loving glances at each other. Not one split second of how their now blatant sense of entitled arrogance comes across. They really feel untouchable and safe from the wrath their incompetence has wrought.

Sure, I expressed little hope of change, earlier. Then I think of Mussolini and the French Royal Family of cake eaters and I feel just a little bit better. Having said that, I abhor violence. However, what becomes left for the beaten and abused slave? A submissive life of tortured hard labour and the blessed relief of death or the quicker satisfaction of rebellion, against the evil of subjugation, even at the risk of a more rapid demise?

I guess we, as individuals, can only answer that when the time comes. I know which I favour and I wouldn't need a medal for martyrdom, just a remembrance of freedom and fairness. Sadly we are running out of time for options.


  1. For Londoners of a true conservative persuation, vote UKIP as first choice and Boris as second choice.

    1. I hope that happens all over the UK. UKIP then Tory pretenders.

  2. Soon very soon you wont even get a vote a vote that matters. The EU plans are to get rid of Nation States to do this they will split up countries like the UK into zones so part of Britain will be zones with part of France other parts will be zoned with parts of Ireland ect. Its no secret the map was published years ago. These zones will be controlled by EU appointed Jobsworths. The voters will have no say but will be just voting for councilors with no powers.This is how the Nazis controlled parts of Europe so they have practice. Our politicians dont care as long as they get their brown envelopes they have betrayed us since Heath got us into the EU with lies. These are the same politicians who have allowed this to happen...

    1. GS, I know you are spot on and can't argue with the factual foundation for your comments. That still doesn't preclude us from trying, as you do, to warn and cajole.