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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

They Really Are All Certifiable!

That Includes Their Media "Stars".

I accidently caught some of Newsnight's EU discussion last evening. Who did they parade as a great and wise EU supporter regardless of any stupidity on display? Why that failed political shirt lifter and all round corrupt millionaire kiddy fiddler, Mandleson.  What utter and farcical ignorance he paraded before us. Any factually based question put to the unctuous and ghastly, hair dyed, vainglorious clown was batted away with, "I don't accept that, Jeremy, in my world I get to say when day is night, don't you know who I am?".

Not one shred of common sense was employed as he floundered under the utter failure of his precious and beloved Federal European nightmare for us, riches for the inadequates. The like of his grotesque character and unintelligent cunning, fighting for it's excreted failure. Deluded and blind to the will of the people of France and Greece who feel the pain and long for a competent physician. A being not present anywhere in the Western political, if even corporate, hierarchy.

Add to this the well educated but thick as the proverbial "pig shit", Stephanie Flanders.  She waxes on about the Euro as though it's decline and terrible implementation was suffering a chill rather than inevitably death from pneumonia. Take this one little extract from her words of self important and self decreed "wisdom". 

She poses two questions. "First do they have the tools and money to protect the rest of the European periphery from the fallout of a Greek exit?". Then she goes on to say everything is just fine only then to happily stuff her oversize foot in her equally cavernous mouth. "Even on paper, the funding now available would not be enough to cover the financing needs of all of the countries in the firing line for any length of time. But the war chest is much larger than it was."

Am I alone in seeing the utter, crass stupidity displayed? We put up printed money and ever weakening bonds now pretty well worthless but hey, no problem, we've produced even more worthless debt and sleight of hand, Draghi inspired, equally fatuous papering over the cracks, (chasms) beloved of these dolt heads.

Back in Blighty our own mad as a box of frogs utter useless Mandarins and their glove puppets such as Mandy, carry on with the mantra of total delusion. The Queen's speech as relevant to the disaster all around as a a cigarette to a dead soldier on the battlefield. Just look at the chaos.

Asian gangs politically correct in their choice of child victims. The same banner waving for multi-cultural success as mass immigration could aspire to. Their comrades in arms happily travelling unimpeded to and from The Yemeni headquarters recently moved from Afghanistan. Then their is the takeover of our very own gangster and Mafia driven trades. 

Drugs, prostitution and the culture of fear now enhanced with an international flavour, impossible to abide on the tongue. From every corner of the globe we attract, even welcome, every piece of inhuman nastiness you can imagine. Still, no problem, The Boy "gets it". As do all the political classes. They can buy their security and parade their inadequacies before the Queen. Again another well protected individual incapable of "getting it".
Welcome to the madhouse of European and Western bedlam! The inmates are fully in charge! We lot seemingly defenceless to rein them in!


  1. Steady on OR, my blood pressure is shooting up through the roof. I don't think I can take much more. Although I'm female I truly feel like I should be taking up arms, when will it all end?

    1. If only we had a way of ridding us all of the clowns who are so deluded as to be totally crazy, Anon!

  2. scrap the tv tax9 May 2012 at 23:32

    Aye, Flanders isn't the sharpest knife in the box. Economics Editor for the BBC lol.
    I remember reading about her complaining on twitter because she couldn't cast her vote as Hammersmith Polling Station had closed 2 hrs early.
    Pity she got there on the wrong day..

    1. I suspect she didn't marry for the same reason, Scrap.

  3. Failed: tick.
    Unctuous, ghastly, hair dyed, vainglorious, clown: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.
    But "kiddy fiddler"? Tsk.

  4. RJ, so sorry for my Dunblane reference!