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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A rare Event.

A decent Newsnight Debate.

Just a day or so ago, Saturday, I believe, we lost another of our young men to the "shhhhh" war of Afghanistan. The powers that be are scared witless. Why? Because were the sheeples to realise the mess they've got us into and the unwinnable, expensive debacle in lives and borrowed money, the well orchestrated stupor might wear thin. I'm not holding my breath, as you know if you visit often. Sheeples are sheeples, bred to slumber to the abattoir!

Mrs OR has and still does, opine that, if these wet, rather weak career politicos had to lead from the front, into the carnage and butchery of battle, they would be much more circumspect in their gung ho approach. Isn't that the truth. if the lefties stopped to thing how grand houses and dynasties were created a few hundred years back they might have more respect for those who dared all to reign and govern!

Well, yesterday's late evening Paxo debated such a matter. I'm fairly sure the consensus was they wouldn't be so keen their speeches would need to be more fearful of the consequences to themselves and all round we would be much better off. 

We were very taken with musing that "we're all in this together" might well have had more resonance if the perpetrators of our bankruptcy lost their riches, land and posh life-styles, on the fields of conflict. How much better if "honours" were really earnt and not badges of failure. Not least those worn shamelessly by the likes of Prescott, Kinnock, Patten, Warsi and so on.

How great it would be to see the armoured vehicles, pennants flying, with Merkel poking out of one turret, Cameron another, Putin bare chested aboard his tank. Fighters overhead, flown by the sons and daughters of the rulers of China, Japan and Spain! Harry and William at the very heart of an Afghan fire fight risking all for our freedom and decency. 

Our National pride, our wealth, our altruism and honest, battle won example, of how to fight out in the open and risk personal safety for worthy causes. The enemy? Well, Fred Goodwin was a target. Put his mates on one side and our champions on the other. Then let them get on with a real, physical head to head. Somewhere like the middle of the Sahara. Winner takes all! As if?!

There is also an alternative, of course. Take the combined personal wealth of both Houses Of Parliament and use it to reduce the deficit. Decimate all those Public Servants on £100k per annum plus, replace them with those circa on say, at the moment £40k, rising to, say, £70k, frozen for five years and suddenly we are all in this battle together! Have a great week!


  1. Totally agree, OR. Our current spineless "leaders" have not got where they are by any display of courage. They are there because they are good with weasel words and clambering the greasy pole. Shame on the whole lot of them.

    1. Thanks, BP. Nice to have you back on comments, always missed.

  2. The tall RSM’s eyes glittered as he surveyed the lines of new recruits. In a drastic reversal of fortunes for many of the great and good, sweet fortune had gifted into the RSM’s hands the immediate futures of many politicians who had been summarily rounded up by the New English Witan and delivered to an unremarkable military camp in Devon.

    His immaculate boots crunched unnaturally loudly as he strode slowly along the line of fearful recruits. He froze in mid step as a plaintive voice whined, “I say how, long do we have to sort of, you know, stand here..?” The RSM swivelled slowly, identified the source and marched over.
    “Blair actually” (small smile, arm movement to left)
    Blair, who had turned ashen faced in this blast of halitosis, remained dumb. “I SAID, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”
    “yessir”, came the reply in a barely discernible whisper. The RSM’s face clouded, he leant in closely to Blair who was shaking uncontrollably, “DON’T CALL ME SIR – I WORK FOR A PUCKIN LIVING”

    Without waiting for a reply the RSM stamped over to a foppish effete man who was holding up a small mirror and combing his hair. In a blur of inhuman speed, the RSM’s hand shot out, grasped the man by his collar and hauled him off the ground. “Wot is your name you orrid little boil?” Mandelson gave his name and began to weep. The RSM flung him back disgustedly, “If you’re going to have a baby DON’T HAVE IT ON MY PUCKIN P’RADE GROUND”.

    He marched back to his place at the front of the lineup and addressed the assembled politicos,

    “My name is Webb, B-A-S-T-A-R-D, Webb – you will learn to love me in time. But not today, Ladies. Not today ....”

    Eee – it’s nice to dream OR :-)

  3. OR,

    You mention Putin, yet unlike all other western leaders and their political subordinates, the jury is still very much undecided on him. Unlike the the puppets of the bankers, the wet blanket politicians the people suffer through their own stupidity, Putin is actually a hard man. He's a black belt in Judo, also knows a bit of Sambo wrestling (Spetznaz elite wrestling martial arts) and is more than capable of holding his own, being ex KGB.
    Moreso, I bet you've never seen the following link have you?

    You never saw this video on the news did you? I wonder why?

    What I also like about Putin is not only is he questioning the western demolition of indigenous peoples and cultures and their war on terror against the middle eastern peoples, but few people know that when the crooks fled Russia at the break up of the USSR, the wealthy Jewish oligarchs who ran off with plundered gold, he reeled them back in to face trial, that is those he could get before they escaped to Israel for political asylum, which of course has no extradition policy regardless. They look after their own Ashkenazis.



    1. Hi, Harbinger. I like Putin for the same reasons as you point out. I see him in the manner I viewed Anwar Sadat, a strong, decent leader who put his Country before his own interests. He, Sadat, paid a heavy price, sadly.