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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nobody Seems To Have A Clue.

I Wonder Why.

Here are three disparate examples of the puzzlement that is The EU disaster project. One a   blogger  the other sort of  MSM. and MSM again. Sadly the confusion and panic are par for the course, where this dreadful waste of space, The EU Federal German project, is concerned.

The French made their anger clear but that backfired with the election of an ever greater Europhile "Napoleon" than the Dwarf they kicked out. Then we need to consider the "in limbo" situation in Greece.

Greece is a minnow compared to Spain, Italy or even Ireland, where GDP is concerned. However they mirror the failed stupidity of the socialist, one size fits all, despicable nastiness that is a debt fuelled blitzkrieg. Of course we must never forget the outrageous corruption that pervades the whole Greek upper echelon mentality. One which is no more than a mirror to the self-righteous  socialist bureaucrats in Brussels.

Meanwhile the World waits with puzzled but worried concern as to what will happen next. One thing it is not is "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Yet we must follow the motives which in turn remain about "the money". Albeit the US elections loom ever closer, for once the longer game is also important.

Much of the Eastern Mediterranean coastline is beginning to show significant riches in deposits of all kinds, not least the ubiquitous black gold of oil. Is this a reason for the stubborn attempts to shore up the Greek membership? Is it also behind the secretive pressure to burden us all with Turkish membership? After all the only beneficiaries of The EU are, as ever, it's privileged bureaucrats and their political puppets. 

For we mere mortals our savings being pillaged, our future earnings mortgaged to these shysters, which include drug barons and the  mafia families, is of nothing. All these meetings and hand wringing theatrics are little more than concern as to how the demands of their crooked lenders are to be met. Printing fast declining value promissory notes seems the only short term answer these cretins can manage.

In reality The EU is holding all its ordinary citizens to ransom. Sadly we appear to be paying those demands but without anybody being freed. Ergo, we are being forced into a penurious enslavement to become the chattels of criminal organisations. The only real mystery is for how long this new and miserable Empire will last. Fourth Reich or not, it will have its day of reckoning. 

It is a third world war but with commercial, rather than military, weaponry, so far. As in the two previous conflicts, guess who has to pay the most in lives and cost? Hello, You! 


  1. Now call me old Mr. Suspicious if you will ... but I do wonder if we are supposed to be looking at Greece while 'They' are scuttling something else through the pipes.

    One thing's for sure - whatever They say, I believe the opposite. This cynicism has stood me in good stead hitherto ..

    BTW - aren't the bluebells particularly beautiful this year? Wherever I go in the SW, the profusion is stunning. One could almost get drunk on the scent. I say 'almost' because I've had to assist slightly through the good offices of Pusser's finest this evening :-)

  2. XX The French made their anger clear but that backfired with the election of an ever greater Europhile "Napoleon" than the Dwarf they kicked out. XX


    Why? The imbicilic, brain dead voter, is more likely to vote for a party because said party is offereing a 0,000002% higher tax "cut", than "the other lot", or they like the colour of the leaders socks, than they are to give a shit about what said leader thinks of the E.U.

    THEN they go to the pub after election day and moan their bloody faces off about "those bastards in Brussels", and they NEVER get around to linking the two.

    1. Furor, nice to have you back in the comments. Good comment, as ever. More please.

    2. Thank you. :-)

      Serious computer problems involving internet conections. Hopefully solved now.

  3. FT: "...and they NEVER get around to linking the two."

    Not only that, but they don't want anyone even pointing out to them that 'their party' (whatever that means) is wholly committed to delivering the same EU agenda, just at slightly different speeds for each of the LibLabCon.

    I think it's hilarious that there's even discussion that NuLiebore Ed Miliband could offer an EU referendum. NuLiebore already have form on this, regarding their refusal to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and essentially their legal defence was that they were liars and their promises were worthless - I wonder why 'cast-iron Dave' hasn't capitalised on this [/sarc]:
    Mr Bower, a UKIP parliamentary hopeful and former Labour activist, ... said: "To file a defence that says 'I can be a blatant liar in a manifesto and get away with it' is utterly mind-boggling.

    "We lend politicians power and they should have the decency to keep their promises."

    1. Ah, DP, Labour. The real traitors who make Cameron seem a partisan.

  4. Furor: "THEN they go to the pub after election day and moan their bloody faces off about "those bastards in Brussels", and they NEVER get around to linking the two."

    To me pubs ARE parliaments. The sooner we sack Westminster and devolve powers to pubs the better. Maybe that's why the powders (sic) that be are Hell bent on destroying these noble establishments.

    1. Aye. Now if, say the banking "industry" were to suffer such a decline as the pub "industry has done, they would be falling over themselves backwards to throw our money at the.... Ahh, they beat me to it, I see.