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Thursday, 10 May 2012

No Understanding In The UK.

How We Are being Crippled By A Sea Anchor.

Banks are still dragging their national, (EU STATES) down the drain. Day in day out, from the very inception of the one size fits all Socialist single currency inception, we are being royally screwed to prop up the political establishment.

So in bed with high finance and ponzi duvet covers to hide their incompetent arrogance, we suffer endlessly. The idiots whingeing about growth, the lazy pillocks in the Civil Service and a whole plethora of interested parties really don't get it. That bald headed little Hitler, Liam Byrne did when he was booted out of his office at The Treasury, "There's no money left". Nor will there ever be as long as The EU federal nightmare continues.

Better off out is a no brainer.for all of us who continue to be the victims of a ghastly political mistake and failure. Trouble is we are being forced to bail like crazy and face decades, rather than a couple of years of hardship and austerity, just to slow down the inevitable sinking. Thank's Dave and Ed, two peas from the same pod if ever there was.


  1. Ye cannae polish a turd10 May 2012 at 11:08

    George Galloway isn't often correct but he had Dave and Ed banged to rights...'Twa cheeks O' the same Erse'.
    The US are panicking as well now as they're on the hook for billions if we go down in Europe. Germany is struggling along with £800Bn in euro debt owed to their factories and banks. They must buckle soon.

    This is a good interview which goes over the whole eurozone scandal in fine detail. Skip the add after 5 seconds..

  2. YCPAT, you are spot on, there. Thanks for the link, too.