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Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday, Monday...................

Relentless Misery.

Doesn't this picture highlight the misery inflicted on us all by our political classes and their deluded incompetence. We are no longer free to live our lives in peace and harmony. All of the sods have decided that only they should have the right to harangue, scare and screw us all into oblivion. The cosh of choice is the "economy". A weapon turned against us for their own vainglorious ans selfish greed.

Take that huge disappointment that is the dubious character in the guise of Will Hague. A man whose political ambitions swing as wildly one side or the other as his alleged personal preferences. You can bet the farm he's the sort of guy lined up on the runway above, hand on the throttles prepared to announce over the tannoy we are taking off whilst ordering us all to peddle hard.

These clowns see the far side of the deluge as being where we are headed, in their "brave new EU dream world" take off. Not for one moment do they see that the waters ahead are already about to drown us, long before we reach flying speed.

What a terrible world. Afghanistan drifts ever deeper into hell on earth. The eurozone is not only crippled but in terrible pain. Our pathetic ruling classes have only one solution. More of the same draconian measures never thought of before 2007. Just not one jot of imagination or even ability to see the mess of their own creation.

The eurozone is finished and with it the EUSSR. No other solution will bring back sanity to the Global markets and our lives. Whilst this monster continues to chew its own entrails, the suffering will only get gangrenous. It's an expensive, crippling nightmare of a disastrous political piece of crass stupidity. 

Sadly the moronic classes just don't have the wisdom to move on. They'd sooner let us all have to clean up their mess, whilst retaining not one iota of credible responsibility other than their lavish time at the trough  denied the rest of us. God help us all.  


  1. You are right. The head of the EU is now well past it's own arse and is moving rapidly through its intestines. God speed!

    1. William, it just might be a joyous 2012 after all!

  2. I don't think God's listening OR.

    We may just have to do something ourselves....


    1. Cap'n I think he just might be after today!