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Monday, 21 May 2012

Megrahi A Symptom of........

How Bad The West's Political Leaders Are.

In many ways I subscribe to the meme that my generation of 1940's babies have been relatively blessed. We gained from the discipline and politeness of our education pre-comprehensive destruction. Christian values ruled and contained the eventual excesses of today whilst sufficient space and population balance allowed time for each other.

On the down side we know how much better things could and should be if we had not been contaminated by the curse of socialism. There will always be unfairness, rich and poor. The secret is to aim for that, which we in Britain got close to after the second world war and the saving, with America,  of Europe. That target was a level playing field, where opportunity could  always be there for those prepared to work and strive.

By the same token morality was a majority in commerce and in politics. The cold war was won with a united abhorrence of the USSR system of graft, corruption and oppression. Sadly and Heaven knows why, we then set out on a course to replicate that which we had fought tooth and nail to dismantle.

So whether Megrahi was a fall guy for Lockerbie or not, he was a lackey of the Gadaffi  regime courted assiduously by those two cretins from hell, Bliar and Mandy. Both ably abetted by Snotty and the rest of that terrible Government of Labour. 

Albeit I rate the whole political and bureaucratic, moronic, establishment throughout the West, those of a left persuasion, be it left of centre or left of total idiocy, they are, in the main, the arbiters of the doom about us. Chameleon is for sure the heir to Bliar or son of Snotty. Clegg and his misfits hangers on and quick learners of how to hoodwink with duplicity!

Nevertheless, when the choice is the lesser of two evils then Milibad and his left overs from Snotty, such as Scrotum and his androgynous Mrs, that TV celebrity, Lord of The Pies or Flabbot of The BBC, it's a no brainer which is the worst option. Just never forget it was Snotty who destroyed our pensions, sulked but sat on his hands, over Iraq and Afghanistan and gave the last of gold reserves to Germany.

Labour bought at least three elections with stoked up credit and enormous debt. "No more boom and bust" he grunted. He was of course spot on. It seems no more boom just bust is where we're at. Only one snag, nobody has the cojones to tell us the truth. Subjugation is the only weapon left. It's euphemistically called  federal Union. Obummer loves it, merkin adores it and Chameleon will choose his colour of the day as required.

Forget the financial deficit, it's the moral and intellectual one at the top we should be concerned about. Sort that, the rest would improve overnight. There's a chance Greece may do an Iceland and show the way!


  1. Megrahi was 100% innocent of the crime of the Lockerbie bombing Old Rightie.

    Ask yourself two questions:

    1. Why was he released on compassionate grounds (prostrate cancer), having been found guilty of the worst terrorist attack in the UK? Was Ronnie Kray, the famous east end gangster released on compassionate grounds for having cancer also like Megrahi? Of course not, he died in Broadmoor hospital in '95. I'm sure there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of prisoners, who died under the same circumstances in UK prisons.

    2. And why was he released when he was found 'guilty'? Should there not have been an appeal to prove his innocense? Was his release not a slap in the face to the victims' families?

    The bottom line OR, is that he was released because his defence had evidence that proved overwhelmingly that he was framed and better still, showed US and UK complicity of the bombing. Yes, like 9/11 and 7/7, the US and UK establishments were guilty of the bombing of the Pan Am jet. He was released in order to save the elites in the establishment, from receiving lengthy prison sentences. They all take care of their own in the system. Yet again proving that there are those above the law. This also proves that the SNP are part of the system and all belong to the same elites, who look after one another.

    On a final note, Gadaffi's 'regime' as you and the MSM like to call it, was the polar opposite of what you and the rest of the western public have been indoctrinated into believing. He was no tyrant and the Libyan people lived far better off than any westerner. Gadaffi gave each Libyan a monthly percentage of Oil profits. All Libyans got free education, health care and accommodation and unemployment was incredibly low.
    Gadaffi was demonised in order to acquire sympathy from the braindead western automatons, who would say nothing when the mercenary armed forces went in, under the orders of the bankers, to rape and pillage the land of its natural resources, impose western 'demonocracy', force the country into debt through the enforcing of usury, banned in most Muslim lands and control another land, by installing a puppet government, to not be a threat to their creation of a one world state an banking system.

    You have been lied to, as are all the people in the west through the totally controlled MSM, that leaves out the truth, not forgetting indoctrination in the educational brain laundries, that teach the 'victor's' truth and not the real one.



  2. Oh and by the way, like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi was executed so as not to spill the beans on the corrupt western governments and controlling NGO members complicit in umpteen crimes and treasonous offences. What better way to keep the truth from outing itself by painting those individuals as tyrants/madmen and if that doesn't work, removing them 'permanently'. If you believe anything in the MSM, you're nothing but a fool.



  3. Harbinger, your quite justifiable rant finds no argument with me. I accept much of what you say but cannot find any regime I that does not follow, eventually, non altruistic ways.

    Bless you for your very good arguments.

  4. Except one may be slightly concerned when he mixes up facts-Ronnie Kray didn't die of cancer-he had heart disease and died from it in psychiatric prison. Reggie it was who died, a number of years later, from cancer. I recall they did let Reggie out for a very short while right at the end.

    They let out Mr Biggs ages ago, supposedly on the basis of him having only a short time left-he's still with us, I believe.

    1. Anon, I accept the factual support of Harbinger's comments were less than accurate. Still, blogging is all about expressing feelings as well as constructive debate. Your measured response is also applauded by yours truly, with gratitude!

    2. Except one may be slightly concerned

      Concerned? Concerned about what? Ok, so I mixed up Ronnie with Reggie, but the fact remains, the overwhelming majority of prisoners die, in prison, of whatever malady that may befall them. My point was a simple one in that the 'supposed' worst terrorist that has ever been imprisoned on these shores, is let out on compassionate grounds towards the end of his sentence. He was released simply because they did not want the appeal to be heard, as many toffs would be named within the establishment.



    3. He was released simply because they did not want the appeal to be heard, as many toffs would be named within the establishment.

      I fully agree. I await what happens to Saif's "memoirs"!