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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Media Storm Abating.

Rupe Lives To Fight On.

Quietly out of sight the forces of control research to undermine any independent press. The link shows the heart of EU thinking and obsession with brain washing and mind games. Expensive ones at that if you note the "budget" for this document and its authors.

One of the many elephants that inhabit the rooms of EU bureaucratic corridors is the media agenda pachyderm. The failings, crises and incompetence of this powerful Statist edifice are shown in the research as often being reported in the negative and unhelpful. A major player in influencing mass opinion has always been the Murdoch run newspaper and media empire. The Times informs the more intelligent whilst the Sun satisfies the prurience of the less well educated whilst still hinting occasionally about more serious issues and scandal.

Whatever the relationship between Rupe and The EU, one thing is certain. No private individual or corporation is to be entrusted with the information and truth ministry requirements for state propaganda. This is writ loud and clear in the research document linked to.

Now I'm not saying the news International attacks from all and sundry are necessarily planned but I am saying that they are welcome in the corridors of power. It is said that newspaper and media moguls don't influence opinion but that notion does not stop political and corporate entities for wanting it to be so and under their control. Hence the decades of jet jollies to all points of the globe's exotic locations to curry favour.

How much tidier if the output of the propaganda was totally in the hands of the EUSSR. The BBC would be a vanguard of excellence in showing how truths are lies and droughts floods, after all. A model for the great European Federal future of "communication". 

Whatever we may think of Rupe and his ilk, they at least made it on their own merit. They spend their money and shareholders funds, not tax payers. We don't have to buy their products or fund their output. How inconvenient is that? Believe me, the vendetta against Murdoch is political through and through. In the UK and throughout Europe, if it's political, it's tainted with the EU Federal obsession with enslavement and power. 

Whether wittingly or unwittingly, Labour's "not fit to run a company" addendum is nothing more than spite in their EU masters' names. I'm only surprised it was not unanimous and for once applaud the Tory caveats. I hope Rupe does, too and helps them across to UKIP. There's a party more likely to treat media moguls with respect but not cowardly fear and nervousness!


  1. Fatty Watson is the most insidious of the vipers in this nest, but who is pulling his strings?

  2. It’s somewhat ironic, is it not, that the selfsame politicos who are braying about the Murdoch lackeys “misleading Parliament” and hence being liable to whatever the consequences of Contempt of Parliament are, glibly dissemble to the public at large 24/7 without any fear of consequence whatever? We are the ones being treated with contempt – not the politicos in their gilded ivory get-away-with near-enough-anything towers.

  3. I'm glad The Sun has got it in for Cameron at the moment.

  4. When you are as rich as Rupert is, you always come out on top.

    Very true Bullo. Whenever any of them talk about standards I laugh. What on earth gives any of them the right to say who is and who is not a fit person to run an international company? Most of them wouldn't be able to run a bath.

    And as a group they are the most disreputable bunch of chancers I've ever come across. However, I suspect that on a regular basis the Murdoch press, which I don't read (which is why I suspect it rather than know it), finds them utterly unsuitable to be running a state.