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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keeping Our Streets Safe.


I wrote this  almost two years ago. Nothing has changed except for the worst. 414 of our young seed corn people have died ion this ghastly adventure. Many others have become insanely rich.

We still harbour Quatada, at great expense. Money we have to borrow and then waste on a wastrel. Madness. To cap it all, Al Qaeda, as so many of we "little" people predicted, just moved on. Whilst "we" salivated over the dubious overthrow of Gaddafi and happily accepted his murder, the leaders of the most organised global insurgent movement just moved on. 

They are strong in Africa and flexing their muscles in the Yemen to dreadful effect. Yesterday and now this morning they are suspected of doing what we did in Libya. That is siding with those who would be rid of a regime of tribal enemies. As ever, a measured and informative media piece is not to be found among the Western celebrity "tits on display", pathetic crowd in the West ,whose media is now a refuge for the less mentally challenged idiocy of our culture.

It remains to be necessary to seek genuine and intelligent outlooks here. Then we begin to learn how awful our response to terrorism has been. The billions leached from our credit cards to fund a pointless tribal interference in Afghanistan has left the real enemy to run ahead of us in technology. We learn they will soon be filling maniacal kamikaze travellers bloodstreams, with time elapsed fertiliser, before we know it.  Some laxative, that.

Joking apart, our crowd are still busy with expensive junkets, love ins and incestuous EU matters, whilst the rest  of us become ever more exposed to the more passionate, clever and effective terrorist groups. Not least Al Qaeda. Our immigration and border controls are a huge joke. We are told there's not enough money to make it better. 

In reality it's being wasted in Afghanistan and on Camp David holidays. PR the only game that matters in the quest for power. EU migration is an ideal cover for terrorist movements and purposes. "Keeping our streets safe" was a Labour piss take. It's now the Cobbletion's flies that remain ever open and it's our tent getting flooded. Thanks a bunch, Davey Boy!



  1. Startled Leafletter22 May 2012 at 09:51

    Can there ever be a more superficially-minded UK than there is now? It's hard to imagine just how much worse it can get from the numbskull, brainless tripe that we have to endure from the media today. Greek Euro exit, unabated nest feathering politicos and absurd Saturday night television on ITV confirm that there is indeed much worse to come! It's lowest common denominator all the way now...

    1. Hi, Buddy, with people such as your excellent self, there is always hope, SL!

  2. Nothing much that we can added to what you write but lets not for one minute forget the the US created Al-Qaeda and dont take my word for it Hillary Clinton told us. Now they STILL work for the US because they are using them to make the US & UK a Police State.
    What a joke the British Army is in Afghanistan to 'keep us safe' while this and previous governments have an open Border policy.

    1. Your point, GS is not unimaginable. Remember when Saddam was the USA's politicos best friend? I also believe our lot supplied the chemicals for him to gas the Kurds and feed back the results.

  3. As the UN, USA and Israel are openly supplying the 'rebels' in Syria Merry-go-round in order to instigate regime change, I'd suggest that there is an end-game not within the vision of the mass of humanity and especially not within the comprehension of any Muslim.