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Friday, 11 May 2012

It has To Be You.

Those Lovely Old Songs And Marriage.

Life lived within a loving marriage is joyous. Not always easy, more potentially tetchy when the lust gives way to the onslaughts of modern life. Yet the furore that has justifiably broken out over Cranmer's Nazi and Gestapo attention, deserves a very powerful response.

Many different issues arise and virtually every one carries a host of moral dilemmas. Christianity teaches tolerance, forgiveness, turning of the other cheek. Yet it begs couples to marry within its faith and offer up vows of fidelity and steadfastness for the procreation and nurturing of children, born into that Union. 

Nothing in history has proven alternative cohabitation to have been more successful than the accepted tenets our society is founded upon. In fact the departure from Christ's teachings always creates more conflict and unpleasantness than anything contained in the pursuit of a Christian way of life. Many will argue that "faith" is a purveyor of war and strife, which is rubbish. 

It is the pursuit of human greed, selfishness and self absorption that does that. Clerics conjoined with Monarchs and alliances of evil caused war in the past and still does today. Also war in the modern era is also the conflict between differing economic, political and corporate ambitions. Look at that unholy, pun intended, EU debacle which is on course to war and tears beyond imagination.

Back to marriage. Like so many things in this mad, PC world, it has become a political football. In reality it is a part of Christian teaching and faith. In essence, if you strive to live to those teachings, even though most of us fail, the desire to abide by superhuman morality still remains an efficacy and good way to live amongst each other. The later years of a good marriage are a joyous experience of mutually shared trials and tribulations and a warm comfort blanket of companionship in age. 

I watched the relationship and wonderful example of a recently widowed friend, with his son, today. This powerful brute of a young man called his father "daddy". Not one shred of self conscientiousness in showing his respect and loving affection for his father. A Family united in grief and a serving example of all that is good about a successful Christian family. 

Within these Christian tenets there is room for tolerance, forgiveness and understanding for the wicked evil around us. There's no place for serving the unnatural, the flawed genetics or the pretence of normality demanded by the homosexual fraternity or sisterhood. Worship, join in and be welcome. Don't strive to shake the fundamental creeds or seek to undermine the deep belief that marriage is ordained by our faith and beliefs.

If you are not happy with a sense of exclusion, live with it. That counts for many things. It's time the Western political and Christian establishment grew a pair. Democracy is about majority assent overriding minority argument, after debate. At the moment, the discussions about the right to marry in a Church, whose adherence to the teachings of its founder are sacrosanct, is an abomination. It is nothing more than bullying by a vocal and unnatural minority, who would do well to hide their lights under a convenient bushel and get on with it. 

It is much better argued here and in many other places one can find. I guess if we are honest, the persecution of Christians, for this is what is going on, has been with us since Christ was born. I suppose if we look hard enough we'll find a corporate drive behind it. I suspect consumerism is as much at risk of censure by Christianity as is homosexuality. It is no accident that this use of the homosexual cause for "equality" is happening in an ever more secular and selfish world. Gays the new inquisition!

I'll sign off with the first picture, 40 years on. Something to treasure and aspire to. Never easy, always worth the effort. If you want to grow old together, get married.

 Sadly the new terrorists, if we believe the BBC and the lefties!


  1. Hear, hear, very good post.

  2. Dear T Toper and Ann, I really feel myself a humble voice. I long to speak for those who choose not to or cannot seek to be heard.I could never, despite a very tough endeavour, to become a representative of or succeed to be an influential politician, because I am more dedicated to an independent freedom.
    That freedom, once one the anthem of the right, is now drowned in the political doctrine of the failed left.
    Your kind comments help keep me going and to try to stay a defender of the faith. Thank you.

  3. OR - as always, you are at your most eloquent when you speak from the heart. After reading your post I gazed with particular fondness in the Memsahib's general direction .. and, I am pleased to be able to report, the look was reciprocated without the usual interrogative lifted eyebrow :-)

    As you may know, I am not a believer.. but there is a spiritual aspect to the concept of marriage which is profound and undeniable. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Thank you, Caratacus. That glance is shared by the lucky few, I suspect, mostly of a certain generation, before the rot set in.