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Friday, 25 May 2012

Is This Really Planned?

If So, It's Blown Up In Their Faces!

A blank hole in the wall.

There's bad, terrible, really, really catastrophic and then there's The EU. In 2007 the cretinous spivs in Brussels and their puppets around their Federal States, conspired to pledge billions to pour down the gaping hole their work had so assiduously dug.

The ruinous behaviour of the early millennium years of excess and vote buying on borrowed, yet to be extorted taxation, were never considered to be dangerous. When the collapse of 2007 came their response was more of the same. More printing of junk bonds and rapidly devaluing notes looking ever more fragile as the shock waves hit. 

The figures are just impossible to understand. Billions soon to become trillions. What is easier to follow and feel is the pain we lesser chumps are to be administered as the political and corporate idiots shore up their own houses regardless of those now tumbling around them. 

It will not be much longer before even the dimmest brain will react to the loss of their toys and relatively luxurious life styles will be felt slipping away. My only hope is that those responsible, be it Brown and Merkel, Cameron or Obama, Bush or Bin Laden, are made to pay. The even bigger crooks such as Barroso, Rompuy and the rest of their rotten core will at least get a justifiable lashing from Nige Farage.  Bin Laden, of course, appears to have been done for but even his reported demise is shrouded in the kind of dishonesty and spin that has got us here.

Still, as banks tumble and economies are wrecked, no matter. They have another meeting in June, so all is just fine.


  1. "My only hope is that those responsible, be it Brown and Merkel, Cameron or Obama, Bush or Bin Laden, are made to pay."

    The above mentioned are merely puppets, greedy goyim, working for their Jewish master. Who's the one behind all of this? One name - ROTHSCHILD!
    It was the Rothschild banking empire that brought about the first attempt of a world government, back in 1815, after Waterloo at the Congress of Vienna. This was his first attempt at a 'League of Nations' the precursor to the EU and UN. Thankfully for the west, at the time, Tzar Nicholas Ist had the insight to smell corruption and the first attempt at a totally controlled, global society, one world government and banking system. He refused, which resulted in catastrophic payback upon the the Russian people and his family by the Red Shield banking Empire.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that a large chunk of the money that's disappearing from the EU is going straight to Israel and the banks of many wealthy and powerful Jewish individuals. Sure, the puppets are taking their cut, but it's a paltry one to what their masters are taking for themselves, overwhelmingly using that money to buy gold, silver and platinum in order to remain wealthy when the banking system goes belly up.

    Total chaos is the name of the game. This chaos will purposefully be created by the elites, in order to usher in a total control society, who will 'save the day' for the common man, when in reality a far more stronger prison will be built to keep the thralls happily enslaved. This is reality. It's being created as we speak. The EU is a smokescreen, to the underlying machinations going on. It's all rather despicable, but then what do you expect when society's been conditioned to worhip dead head football players and celebrities, instead of actively take personal responsibility for their lives and keep in check those who are building a hell for all to live in?



  2. What Ho! Harbinger :-) Long time no speak .. I trust all is well?

    I agree with much of what you say, and in previous threads too. It was you, if you remember, who caused me to open my eyes and do some research regarding the holocaust. It is a distasteful thing to have to do because all human suffering upsets me greatly, but the sheer logistics involved in the heartless incineration of so many millions of souls would simply have needed more than the total quantity of coal, coke and oil available to the Nazi regime during the whole of WW2. Rather like the bollocks we are fed about the construction of the Great Pyramid. We are told by the great and the good that two and a half million blocks weighing between 200 tons each were quarried, dressed and placed in thirty years. Simple maths means that one block would have had to be placed every six minutes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bang. six minutes, bang, mind your fingers here comes another one! If they only worked during daylight hours it would be one block every three minutes. The point is, it's so often the simple maths which exposes the lie.

    Yes, the Rothschilds have a great deal to answer for (did you know, btw, that Hitler is reputed to be the bastard son of a Rothschild?), the question is: Once the enemy has been identified, what do we do about it?

    It is interesting to note how my own reaction to that question changes with advancing years. A long time ago I may have thought along the lines of that chap who sorted out Archduke Ferdinand. But as I get older, I veer more towards living my own life with as much integrity as I can muster. Often falling short of course, there are those people who just beg for a slap even today .. but our work on this planet must always come back to ourselves in the first instance. The financiers and so-called elites will do whatever they want and continue to regard us with the detached amusement of a man watching a group of ants however much we fume, impotently, from the sidelines. Where they make their mistake, perhaps, is in thinking they can always get away with it. They can't .. and the retribution, when it arrives, will be dreadful.

    I take for my inspiration a simple poem by Somerset Maugham, ""I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself"

    Yrs aye,


  3. Hi Caratcaus,

    Nice to hear from you and I hope you're well.
    Anyway, this is a quick message to say, drop me an email at and we'll continue the conversation there. I think it's fair that we don't clutter Old Rightie's blog with off topic (although very much on topic in reality) debate.
    Debating the holocaust upsets many people, because they are unable to switch from the indoctrination they've received, courtesy of the MSM and the education system. However it's something that must be done as it holds the key to much of the hell of what's being planned in this world.