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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is Rudeness Clever?

Hadn't Used To Be.

Yesterday The UK's Home Secretary faced an angry, bordering on criminal, mob. In my view a Unionised and selfish section of the self righteous and self entitled face of the Public Services. I've always believed in heckling and disgruntlement having the ability to be done but manners can and should still be respected.

If we have respect for an Office of State then that should override the dislike or even animosity toward the holder. I remember telling that buffoon  Hoon on a Question Time programme that "People support our troops come what may but not the lies that get them killed". I still called him Mr Hoon out of respect for the Office he so poorly served.

Today the Highway Code is an irrelevance and road rage rife on our overcrowded roads and Islands. It used to be that lack of consideration for other road users cost you your test pass. It seems to be that now it might well give you a pass. How has all this come about?

Socialism. It's only chance of succeeding is to force us all into one uniform, pliable and gullible box and dumbing down. We see it everywhere. Not least the bullying of the ruling classes, corporate monoliths and crooks. Look at The EU for one such creature. Though a wreckage of unimaginable carelessness, corruption and incompetent greed, it's definitely not women and children first for the exits and safety.

The targets of socialism in the UK are a matter of record. The destruction of industry, the callous dismissal of the Commonwealth successful trading bloc, for the EU love in fest. Then there is the now powerful control of our less than Civil Service. One in which the upper echelons  regard us all as fodder for their narcissism and the lower levels of that bureaucratic cabal given rewards way beyond their deserving, to toe the Labour inspired line.

As for education. That disaster, when teachers of low intelligence were given the freedom to bully the more intelligent pupils, dress like scruffy street beggars and remain infantile role models for ever, was inevitable when made the plaything of socialist Governments. Bliar had a pop but fat Hattersley came right back with his spittle and spite in large measure.  Sadly to little avail for Bliar reckless educational decline continues.

Still, now the whole of the Labour placement Public Services are in the grip of the wrecking gangs of the rich and powerful Union Barons, stupid, thick, gangster like individuals, what hope is there. Seeing the police now more occupied with entitlement without responsibility we can no longer sleep safely in our beds.

Not least because those very same police force, rude and ignorant, bullies, are earmarked to become the storm troopers of the very near future. Much of their present ire is with a national status holding out against their impatient desire to become very well paid members of the EGF. Something many of our Public "Servants"(?) are ambitious for. Bought and paid for by a EUSSR the rest of us detest.

Rising out of all this is the incredible nastiness pervading our lives. The imported, as well as home grown selfishness and it's close ally, rudeness to name but two. An unpleasant atmosphere of suspicion and wariness, of not just authority but even our neighbours. Pushiness and barely concealed venom towards strangers or those who appear more successful. 

It's nasty and it's been allowed to evolve. It is but one manifestation of career politicians and career  Civil Servants' utter failure as people and decent human beings. it is however a very frequent, daily unpleasantness that does little to inspire. Austerity is one thing, rude and impolite aggressiveness another.


  1. Sadly we've got nothing else left to do OR. Marches and strikes are just ignored. Even encouraged in some cases. The politicos are so smug because they know we're timid.
    The MSM edited out most of the unpleasantness against May as they go along with the agenda

    1. Hard to gainsay, Anon. Thank you for the kindness in posting.

  2. @Anonymous

    There IS something we can do: try and live our own lives with integrity. To try and change anyone else - particularly the perfumed corrupt monkeys in Westminster or Brussels - is a forlorn hope, so the only person we can work on is ourselves, and one hopes, our children. Of course should one of said monkeys cross your path, then a swift biff on the nose (real or metaphorical) is to be welcomed ;-)

    OR - that photo is a splendid representation of a police constable in the making. Excepting a few honourable examples, the ranks of the Fat Blue line are peopled by former school bullies, sneaks and genitally challenged oafs. The concept of Good Form is beyond them.

    All that having been said, my radishes have pushed through today and hopefully will be closely followed by the carrots in short order :-) I get more sense out of my dog and the veg in the garden than the crooked buggers in Gubmint.

  3. Caratacus, you are the top half of my glass!