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Thursday, 24 May 2012

How The West Was Lost.

To Socialism.

Hollande watched his beloved "transaction tax" approved by MEPs yesterday. As we read here. Remeber Snotty's raid on pension fund dividends which heralded the collapse of yours, mine and the Civil Service pension funds?

This wretched EU brain dead action is the same. It will drive away investment houses, currency traders and everything that underpins the remnants of Western holdings and wealth. I suspect Obummer thinks it will leech back to the USA, without realising he's seen as just a carbon copy of the European socialist, brain dead morons. 

These transactions will seek more wealth conducive pastures, leaving the wastelands of European incompetence to further impoverish its citizenry. Brazil, Russia, India, China.  In short The BRICs. They will then luxuriate in cheap money, imports and travel. The very things which improved Western economies now ditched by the cretinous traitors behind the EU.

The Boy Dave rails again but knows he is powerless and will see his dreams of a second period in Downing Street broken. Milibad coke habit, nasal burnt Socialist and second generation Communist offspring of illegal immigration, as so many are in this scary modern nightmare, will complete the desired socialist Troika of Northern Europe.

As their dreams are realised our horrors will have just begun. Like the Jews of 1930s Germany, we will believe the gas chambers are shower blocks and meekly take our toddlers to a painful departure from this world. If you think this is far fetched, take five minutes to trawl through the happenings in Greece. As their base poverty spreads upwards, their upper echelons cling ever tightly to their EU life rafts. The fact they'e upside down is neither here or there. What a shambles. Still, it's all tickety boo. Well, for the Brussels incumbents it is, with yet another junket in June.


  1. Try to explain to someone from South East Asia what the EU is.
    Tell a person from Singapore this is what happens.You wake up one morning and find your government has agreed to open your borders to millions of immigrants who have the same right as you. Your laws can be overruled by unelected judges. The top politburo of this outfit will all be unelected. Police from any country can come and arrest you and your government wont do a thing to save you even if you have broken no laws in your own country. Terrorist and criminals from all over the world will flock to your country to a life supported by the taxpayer and they cant be sent away as it would breech their human rights.
    I bet they could not wait to join.

    1. I disagree GS. They would immediately see the stupid madness!

  2. Just watched today's episode of 'The World at War' (titled 'France Falls') and couldn't help but be reminded of your post.

    Our smug, self-satisfied 'leaders' do have dreams & ambitions that bear little to no relation to real events in the world, but they are determined to plough on with their head-in-the-sand thinking for which they intend we will bear the cost, and they won't.

    And, of course, the French have never 'forgiven' the British for Dunkerque (another mess the French leaders created through pride and stupidity) so are very happy at "...Hollande watched his beloved "transaction tax" approved by MEPs yesterday."

    1. Derek, love this, as all your comments. I really couldn't put it better. Thank you.

  3. "Like the Jews of 1930s Germany, we will believe the gas chambers are shower blocks and meekly take our toddlers to a painful departure from this world."

    ........ I actually wrote a very long reply about the myth we have all been indoctrinated into believing - the holocaust, but I deleted it, purely for the reason that this is your blog and you would not be happy with material of its nature on your blog, even though it happens to be the truth.

    However, I will post some links for you to have a read and watch in your own time, that will answer many questions you may have about why I believe (along with many others) that there was no Jewish holocaust, that is a 'great burning' of Jews in WW2, but there were numerous holocausts in WW2, that take a backseat, because of the propaganda machine driving us all to believe in the Jewish one. There was Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden to name but a few. These were holocausts.

    In order to be able to find out what really happened in history, the ability to piece together what happened, through acquiring the facts, must prevail and all emotive reasoning cast in the bin where it belongs. However sadly, the ability for people to think critically has taken a back seat to emotive reasoning and this trumps all logic in today's society. We have been indoctrinated through constant holocaust movies, all the way from the Jewish controlled Hollywood, a business that sends billions to Israel yearly.

    Have a read of the following links and I've included some videos as well for you to peruse. Decide for yourself.



    1. Harbinger, here we must beg to differ. My one link is this,

  4. OR,

    And to your above link, I will put this one up to prove that photos lie and are a powerful source of propaganda:

    On the pictures that you see in your link, OR, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Of those dead bodies that we see, how many are actually Jews?
    2. How do we know, having seen the doctored photos in the link I provided above, that these images aren't dead from concentration camps, but instead pictures from the aftermath of the Russian holodomor, where Stalin's regime starved 10 million Christians in the Ukraine in 1932?
    3. If these pictures are from German camps, then we must ask two further questions:
    a. We are told that 6million Jews were gassed and cremated, therefore do these images not prove that theory to be a lie?
    b. We also know that the allied forces bombed German supply lines to the camps?Therefore with no food getting in, isn't it obvious that many people starved to death?

    You have read 1984 I assume? Winston Smith really parallels the life of Orwell. He worked in the Ministry of Truth (read the Ministry of Lies) as a propagandist, doctoring images and falsifying history to serve the agenda. This is also what Orwell did working for the BBC of which he based his Ministry of Truth upon during WW2.

    Again OR, as I stated in my initial reply, emotive reasoning has now taken supremacy in debate. The holocaust must not be questioned as it offends Jews, but how many historical events offend non Jews that we are told about? How many, for example, Muslims are offended by the MSM's attack on their faith and promotion of Muhammad being a paedophile? Why if we are told this we are not told of the Jewish talmud's condoning of paedophilia and beastiality?
    The truth about the holocaust is a closed book, because it's the cash cow for the funding of the illegal apartheid state of Israel and the implementation of the New World Order.



    1. Harbinger, "" is a worthy resource starting point for a huge block of evidence.
      I stress it is a starting point to research ever further. That in such a terrible period truth has suffered in many, many ways, is inevitable. However the strength of evidence from so many eyewitnesses, survivors and records kept by the Germans and Nazis themselves, is overwhelmingly supportive of those historic and awful crimes.

      That every person whoever lived might have taken part in something equally as dreadful doesn't make this history invalid or untrue. Russian, British, American or Arab, Jew, Christian or Muslim is irrelevant. None is superior before their God.

  5. OR,

    I wouldn't really touch anything from Wikipedia, for the simple reason that it's a Jewish controlled website that employs Israelis and western Jews to write for it and remove any story contrary to theirs.

    You miss the point I make that the horror that has been planted in our minds from a very early age, regarding WW2, was so for a very important reason and that was to act as a barrier to any chance of the alternative story to seep in. It was classic indoctrination.

    All I say to you OR, is that you keep your mind very open and do your own research. The links that I have given absolutely smash the official stories of the holocaust. I also strongly suggest that you understand just what world Jewry is and I cannot recommend more 'Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit'.

    Once you start putting the pieces of the jigsaw together the truth will unfold before your very eyes, but if you choose to continue to believe in the MSM and historical propaganda, that we've all been indoctrinated and brainwashed into accepting as the truth, the the real truth of what happened will remain firmly outside of your grasp.
    Oh and some more links, this time from the Red Cross:

    To this day, Israel does not let the Red Cross anyone near its atrocities, until it's had time to remove evidence, due to the fact that its story was contradictory to the Jews' version of history. And the Red cross is a completely impartial organisation that has nothing to gain from saying what it does.
    Again OR, I'm giving you lots of links and information to evidence you've possibly never even heard about. If you continue to choose to ignore it, preferring to remain fixed on the 'official' victor's/MSM/Jewish account of WW2 then it proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that the indoctrination is complete and emotive reasoning has taken over within you as the primary course for investigative journalism on historical events.



    p.s. The truth offends. It always will, simply for the reason that people's version of reality is one built on a foundation of lies, promoted upon them by a controlled education system and MSM.