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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Homeless Olympics.

In The Sprint For Brown Envelopes.

In the somewhat unpleasant, Labour party driven, haste for "good" news to spin, the Olympic games were brought and indeed bought, to London, in the same year The Queen celebrates her diamond Jubilee. What a monumental, Tessa Jowell stunt was that. Now, before a race is run the awful stupidity of this is coming home to roost.

Greed the modern God of politics and corporate existence drives everything. What is never considered is the more measured common sense and the observation of our present day London infrastructure.

London, outside of some holier than though, rich as Croesus ghettoes, the poverty wrought by overcrowding and mass immigration gerrymandering expands daily. Mimicking the eviction levels for the Olympics, I suspect a large number of these poor buggers will be forced to share or give up their rat infested garden sheds.

Meanwhile the hoi poloi, brown envelope stuffed, will cruise special traffic lanes to and from their VIP  Olympic suites and extravagant lunches. They will possibly cast a cursory glance over the playing fields below their lofty dining halls, to marvel at how the wonder drugs, so readily available, spur youngsters to Olympic shame and a short life.

This privileged and corrupt clique, ably represented by that ghastly Coe, will strut their stuff in the exclusive brothels and flesh pots of the London criminal entertainment stage. The imported young women from all over the World will be offered up as side plated for the Corporate bellies delectation during a festival created by the advertising led corporate and political power mongers.

Just as with The EU gravy train, this Olympic farce and fa├žade will hide its nastiness under a cloak of respectability. The BBC will pull out all the jovial, hail fellow well met, propaganda, to kid us all our billions of borrowed and embezzled dosh, is for the good of us all. In reality, it's another subterfuge to cream off hard won earnings for the pissing contests beloved of those who would cheat us. "All in it together", what a crass piece of phraseology that turned out to be.

The debacle and loss of all this money, as the Circus eventually leaves town, will only creep into awareness    once, many months on, the real questions kick in and  the weeds start their inevitable take over. The excuse will be, wait for it, lack of funding to maintain the stadia and facilities. The cheap, quickly erected "village" will crumble and decay as a new Tower Hamlet ghetto is born. The very antithesis of the Kensington one and the sheds of Slough and elsewhere will welcome the next lowest denominator of human flotsam and jetsam. Welcome to modern Britain, birthplace of despair.


  1. Absolutely spot on mate.
    I await with glee the absolute failure of this vanity project.......

    1. Thank you, ZG. I must say I wish we had something to be proud of but the EU doesn't allow us such pleasures anymore.

  2. Yes the 'great and the good' will make millions on the backs of the taxpayer just look at Lord Coe little tosser.
    I was also reading that Abu Qatada has cost the taxpayer £3 MILLION since he first arrived on our shores most of it going to lawyers. Then read how the NHS would not spend £27k to save the life of a cancer suffer.

    1. GS, not to worry, Dave gets it, so he says. How does he get the examples you state, if that's the case.

  3. Do you know where can I claim a partial-refund of my Road Fund Licence, since I'll be temporarily deprived of access to some of the Queen's Highway I've paid for?

    1. You will have to pay more, after this debacle, to pay for the losses, Joe.

  4. Pedant's corner: Hoi Polloi means "the many" - the masses, great unwashed, etc., not the priveleged few.

    1. I have always regarded the phrase as meaning "the many." Albeit this is also an idiom used to mean the elite as shown below. So like many words the useage can change in small ways or in certain cases completely. The modern use of "gay" is one example.

      My use of the word was to highlight "the many" and ever growing number, of those who enjoy taking bribes. In some ways a merging of the American linkage with the plurality of the less than pleasant, or indeed morally unclean. I am no great scholar or writer but I do remember many tomes written about how Shakespeare attributed many, many different meanings to his use of language and metaphor.

      From here
      we read;
      'the upper classes'; for example, this from the Chicago Daily Herald, October 1984:

      "Brent Musburger, whose talks with WGN are continuing, was among the hoi polloi in the rich seats."

      This usage is possibly influenced by a mistaken association with 'hoity-toity'."

      In my case above, that's only part of the inference. Whichever way you read it they still remain a large number of corrupt and unpleasant chancers.

  5. Ah, but you are missing the point Mr Rightie. It's all about "legacy". Legacy is, of course, a complete nonsense except to politicians because they can define it as they will.

    On the competitors' "village" being sold for half the official estimate blame will be placed on economic difficulties whilst credit is claimed for providing much-needed new housing in East London.

    On the sporting facilities being used sparingly blame will be directed at "the obese community" (as I suppose fatties now have to be called) and new taxes will spring-up in an attempt to manage the calorific intake of these wicked people.

    Naturally under-use of the facilities will also lead to them being sold-off one-by-one and demolished to make way for housing of a rather more practical and desireable type than that in the "village".

    The Olympic Games event will be a success. We know that because people will run, jump, ride, wrestle, gymnastify, swim, shoot, sail and row. The games will happen, stadia will be occupied by spectators and medals will be awarded, ergo the games will be a success. They are incapable of being enything else because they will happen and that is the only measure of success.

    In reality the legacy of the games will be a big chunk of national debt and facilities that, in the main, are neither needed nor likely to be used to any significant extent. The only question is whether that is a price worth paying for beating Paris in the competition to host the event. I rather think it is.

    1. "In reality the legacy of the games will be a big chunk of national debt and facilities that, in the main, are neither needed nor likely to be used to any significant extent."

      Hi, FB, surely the beating of Paris would have been better in the quote from your post. Ergo, a dish served cold!?

  6. nonsense.
    All this begrudgery of yours will melt away when one of our drugs cheats gains a wonderful gritty bronze

  7. Hi, Anon, my begrudgery about our National, insurmountable debt won't melt away, nor the billions and trillions owed.