Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

An Election G8.

Round And Uselessly Round.

Round and round, up and down. Cameroon playing the slightly smug, "we're cutting our deficit card" when in reality he's spending more than ever and wasting our coerced taxes. Obummer, frit to death of saying something that might reveal his ever more obvious incompetency.

Merkin, bereft at the loss of her midget and Hollande looking more German than Gallic. The only unity this lot could manage, even in their casual for some, awkward for all, dress code, was utter inability to remedy their decade of failure. All that was missing was Snotty picking his nose and chucking mobile phones around.

What an expensive waste of time and space they all are. I see no chance of any slowing down of the descent into bankruptcy with this lot of EU hugging. None of them has the nuance to realise their EU baby is in reality, Rosemary's. !


  1. I just saw the photo of Cameron cheering Chelsea what is this fool trying to prove, then reported as saying to the Fuhrer "that it was good that John Terry was disqualified from playing"
    Like she is interested in things like this while the world falls down around their heads.
    Is Dave a bigger fool then Brown I mean is that possible?