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Monday, 7 May 2012

Doesn't Feel Like A Bank Holiday.

All The Politics Going On!

Despite the UK wide EU regional elections going the way The Austerity EU machine hoped the party was very short lived. Milbad was egged on in an unsatisfactory manner, Boris had, as reported elsewhere and highlighting the BBC corrupt propaganda, a narrow victory, whilst Hollande, with virtually the same numbers, swept away "Zarkozee" (BBC speak).

Added to the French rejection of an EU oligarch the Greeks went, if you believe the EU response via their media puppets, neo-Nazi. As ever with such parties they are claimed as being of the "far right" when in reality it's East meets West, or the circle is squared! 

What it really is boils down to a mega slap for Brussels and hopefully the start of a fightback against the faceless fascists that are the EU Commissioners. There is wriggle room, apparently, in Greece, to push pro austerity, ergo pro EU political asses into Government. One snag is that it would be another blatant rejection of democracy, even more than the previous machinations of the desperate and weakening bureaucrats of  The EU inner sanctum.

Interestingly the EU, or is it now The EU Austerity Government, renamed just as they did when they  dropped AGW for "climate change, is a non-elected, bureaucratic experiment at direct Government. In many ways an up front management that mirrors the actuality that hides behind the scenes in The UK. So when we see these experts at back stabbing, the Civil Service Mandarin cliques at work, we also see why our political system and classes are also party to the ineffectual and incompetent management structure.
It is a culture of unaccountability in Brussels as in Whitehall. A powerful but useless representation of a gilded few so incapable of understanding the lives of lesser mortals as to be pathetic in managing extremes. 

We are seeing the latest harvests of their uselessness as a class. The Greek people have made it very, very clear, they want their Country back and their democratic rights upheld. They still have a long hard road to travel but at least they have packed a semblance of democratic luggage for the journey. 

As for their friends in France they too think they have prepared to travel a road away from Brussels but they've not packed anything more than a sack of lead weight. Hollande will be so far up Merkel's posterior he'll make the Dwarf look her sworn enemy. Still she and the Dwarf won't be so "kozy" anymore so lets be thankful for small mercies. I suspect Carla will be moving on ere long, too. Especially as the luxury airliner private jet will no longer be hers to command!

One thing is for sure, it really is quite a morning after and the girl in the picture might well be an image of The Austerity EU this very morning! Possibly pregnant with Rosemary's Baby!


  1. I hope the picture doesn't depict the aftermath of another National Gardens Open Day at Oldrightie towers...

  2. Is that picture Mohammedan propaganda, or is that the state of European womanhood? Oh well, that's what you get for making carnality's peace and unity with those Papists. Have you heard the one about the peoples of Britain and America as the descendents of the biblical Jews?

  3. Mr Mcgranor, my wife often makes similar comparisons.

  4. is that the state of European womanhood?

    With the bottle of Molson on the table, I'd hazard a guess the picture was taken in Canada.

    1. Antipholus, Molson is popular here, too! Not sure about the vulnerable pose, though!