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Monday, 28 May 2012

Dead Children, Living Corporations.

Why Assad Is Still Flavour Of The day.

As the Syrian tribes continue their internal struggle for supremacy of rule the rest of The World wrings its hands in faux angst. decade after decade this goes on somewhere. on the Planet as human beings fight not only for their own lands but those they covet. 
More often than not those perpetrating atrocities and war are not supported by the rest of us. This matters not to the despots, the bureaucrats' snide "we know more than you" attitudes. We need oil, energy, food and water. Why? To keep our lot fat, dumb and happy so they vote for us.
Never do these ghastly human traits, that seem to dominate the powerful but inadequate psyche  of those who would be Kings, ever get noticed by their owners. They believe their own spin, such as "keeping our streets safe". Whilst in reality our streets are decaying, gangs roam murderously at will and the World's cities get ever more crowded and unmanageable. 
All of this notwithstanding these idiots continue to squander once hard earned wealth in pursuing ever larger "growth" believed to be their requirement to stay at the top. Their pursuit of ever greater riches and power just does not equate with the cost of that obsession. 
Interference is dressed up as humanitarian. That dreadful, self righteous UN organisation flaps its limp wristed "interventions" whilst spending billions on quangos and salaries, corrupt brown envelope diplomacy. The whole wasteful manner of The West's business practices and political idiocy carries on regardless. Sadly it was ever thus.
I can do little more than recommend this  worthy article  from which the quote below is taken;

"Today, in the early 21st century, Western democracies are engaged in a ruthless global ‘scramble’ over energy resources, pipelines, oil supply routes in the Middle East, Central Asia and beyond, which has often been dependent on wars and military interventions of various kinds. As in the nineteenth century, these efforts have often been presented as an altruistic enterprise intended to promote democracy and liberal governance, and overthrow rulers who, like the Sudanese Caliph, are responsible for ‘brutality and tyranny’."


  1. OR,

    Until people realise that war is there to:

    1. plunder lands of their natural resources,
    2. Install puppet dictators through the sham of democracy in order to gain control of that land,
    3. Enforce global debt through usury,
    4. Destroy cultures, indigenous peoples and break up their traditional society,
    5. Bring about massive migration,
    6. Kill off a large part of the world population,
    7. Make the corporations incredibly wealthy, along with the banks,
    8. Try out new deadly biological weaponry,
    9. Bring about deadly vaccinations through the world health organisation as an outcome of point 8 above,
    10. Keep everyone in a state of fear in order for them to happily give up their liberty for security,

    then nothing will ever change in society.
    The way we stop these wars is to smash the system completely and this means:

    1. Non payment of all tax.
    2. Removal of all money from banks and no putting in.
    3. No voting for any political movement.
    4. Complete removal of all government, state control and royalty/corporate oligarchy.
    5. End of the judicial system along with the police and armed forces.
    6. Protectionism and living off the land, not alien's efforts from other lands.
    7. Total end to all MSM and state controlled education systems.

    The system needs to be totally smashed or we will continue to see dead children (and adults) on a daily basis, all around the world, continue to grow. People are oblivious to the vaccination timebomb that's about to befall all, but in a nutshell, they kill. That's why they were created.



    1. On this comment statement, Harbinger, I am in complete agreement. Unfortunately it seems human nature decrees the sheeples remain sheeples.