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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Conspiracy Collapse.

The Direction To Hell.

A road, it is said, often paved with good intentions. As the EU concept, possibly once well intended, careers out of control down this very road, we have many examples of how what might once have been conspiracy has long since become an uncontrollable nightmare.

It's a little like a gang deciding to carry out some heinous act, fear discovery and go on to do even worse to cover up. The unholy alliances and friendships formed by the Bilderbergers are now looking less conspiratorial, more utterly bloody stupid.

Their plan to rule the world through commercial, economic globalisation and the control of energy looks pretty sick as their flagship EUSSR experiment looks ever more like an image from a Titanic movie. It did seem feasible to them all, at one time. A powerful NATO and capitalist powerhouse of two continents, so intertwined in their bitter cold war antics against the Soviet Union, they began to plot the post cold war environment.

Naturally they felt and probably planned to draw into their sense of conspiratorial superiority, all those Nations at the outer edges. China and India, plus South America for example.  Yet as they plotted and implemented strategies and alliances, not least with bankers, corporations and drug lords, none of them doubted or asked any "What ifs?"

The complexity of world domination was regarded as easy to manage. All that was required was an ever growing army of willing bureaucrats to administer the loss of freedom and kill off any democratic lust that might arise, amongst varied populations. Again the question of any doubt and the sense of untouchable superiority was too ingrained for "Thomases" to be entertained. 

So far the suppression of "Arab Springs" and other angry citizens is just about OK as long as the arrogance of the conspirators holds firm. Greece, Italy and The European stragglers can be manoeuvred into submission by the installation of so called "technocrats". Just a euphemism for imposed foreign occupations. 

Trouble is they are being rumbled. The conspiracy is being forced into a loss of members. The secrets are getting ever harder to conceal. The high life of the embezzler architects is being despised. We've lost Berlusconi, his soporific pills in the form of debauchery with his IMF pal, suddenly taken away to protect the cabal. Then there are the Greek quislings, desperately hanging on and about to face even greater defeat. 
We must also remember Sarkozy. Carla's adoring attention likely to have faded very quickly these last few days.

So, the conspiracy is looking ever more exposed. How it will end who knows. One thing is for sure The EU will never be the same. It's malevolent failure is as great a disaster as the destruction wrought in two world wars. We got over those eventually. Maybe the only difference this time is the place from whence the White Knight(s) will come. Right now they  look to be dressed in scarlet cloaks. A sickle in one hand and a bright yellow star on their tunics! They also have an almighty large amount of the conspirators money and assets! Whoops.


  1. how do you implement a world goverment?
    by collapsing the economy of as many countries as possible,
    in my humble opinion that is what the eu was set up for and the plan is coming on wonderfully dont you think?

    1. Anon, that is how it might appear. My argument is the plan is unworkable due to the numbers of human beings involved. It can work for decades, as it has elsewhere in history but it's doomed to fail eventually.

  2. Like anon said. It's all going perfectly if chaos was the plan.
    If you read the minutes of the early EEC meetings then things have gone as plannned. An ever expanding EU with govt's collapsed one by one due to known fiscal ineptitude and Goldman Sachs cover ups.
    Despite all the froth in the media the EU rolls on getting bigger and bigger ( with annual budget increases to cover new foreign and war depts etc ) and is protected by govt leaders. The EU Forces were on a mission to Somalia the other day. Who even knew it was planned ? Who knew that we had an EU Army at war in the Horn of Africa ? Would any casualties have been buried in an EU flag draped coffin ?
    The media helps as well telling us that the EU was now out of recession ( Sky News 15th May). This is despite throwing £1trillion onto the debt fire of the EU. But people believe the tv so will go back to sleep.

    1. George, it's hard to know what any long term plan ever was. What we can see is it's not going the way it was supposed to be. It's not debt contagion they fear it's democratic solidarity.

  3. No doubt about Carla. Classic case of a woman attracted to powerful men. Its even odds that she'll split with Sarkozy within the next 12 months. As for Greece, I can see martial law being declared, and sooner rather then later.

    1. AI, yup, I wonder who she'll set her cap at next? David Cameron!

  4. As American Evangelicals conspire to build a Third Temple, coinciding with the European Union's road to hell.