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Sunday, 13 May 2012

British Enforced Losers.

It Seems That Way, Sometimes.

Be it our politicians and their unpleasant EU masters or sporting contests, we Brits so often seem the butt of ire and quiet bullying. Add the desire of the Islamic world to breed us off the Planet and suddenly there are more than paranoid questions to be considered.

Look at the business yesterday. Lewis Hamilton and McLaren beat all the opposition, including the Mafioso toys at Ferrari, out of sight. They need a litre of fuel, apparently, for sampling purposes, so stopped the car, after that pole position blast of a lap, to preserve the sampling quantity. 

Had that been another team and teacher's pet such as Vettel or Alonso, they would have applauded the knowledgeable manner by which that litre of fuel was preserved. I am convinced of that. Now McLaren are running Merc engines and maramlising the Mercedes works team. So there's a motive for starters!

if you add into the mix Hamilton's mixed race credentials, his brilliance as an F1 driver and the probable second championship win this season likely, if he were given less biased nastiness on the circuits, you begin to see a picture emerging, surely.

All the above is before the betting syndicates and their money laundering connections kick in. We are living through a re-run of Sodom and Gomorrah after all! It's unlikely, I know but if McLaren's superior performance allows Hamilton to finish well I would cheer to the heavens. Sadly he's up against nearly every car on the track likely to be on a bung for impeding his progress. Lovely world, big finance, don't you think?


  1. Of course this 'incident' wouldn't have happened if his pit crew had put an extra litre in the fuel tank.

    Sad, but then it is entirely McLaren/Hamilton's fault.

    After all, if he'd learnt from iDave's dictum "There are lessons to be learnt" after the same thing happened to him at the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix, he'd be at the head of the pack.

  2. Nice conspiracy theory OR and you're right. There is an awful lot of politics involved in motorsport. However, I'm pretty au fait with the rules which basically state that a car has to have 1 litre of fuel left in its tank, AFTER it has returned to the pits, so that it can be tested for validity. In this case it is entirely the fault of the Team for not ensuring Lewis had enough fuel. I know for a fact how it happened, although I won't bore you with endless detail, and if I were Lewis I'd be less than impressed with the Team.
    Having said all that ... how many times have we seen a car stop out on circuit after a race ... because they were low on fuel? And how many of those have been disqualified?
    Back to your conspiracy theory there then ;-)

  3. Max, Joe, many thanks for the comments. I might also question as to why a rear wheel was pushed under Hamilton's car when he was forging his way back into the points? Something very wrong in this team. What, I have no idea. However I did note the beam on Frank William's face when Hamilton popped by!
    This season is proving more interesting than of recent years and I, for one, would hope Hamilton win's it.

  4. Never mind the fact that he only beat Massa to become World Champion in 2008 because his mate slowed down rapidly and let him past in the last few corners of the race to snatch a vital place.

    Hamilton did not deserve his WC win ... sorry

    1. I'm sure that's what mates are for, Maverick. I suspect Hamilton would do the same.